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Looking for inspiration and resources to achieve your goals or to transition to the life you dream of? I invite you to read my blogs in which I share insights, tips and ideas gained through my personal experience and knowledge base.

Authentic Path

17th July 2022
Keeping Calm for Highly Focused Productivity

Improve your focus and productivity and live life to your full potential. Reduce anxiety, reclaim calm with these free resources - Authentic Path Coach.

11th December 2020
Tips for a Stress-free Christmas 2020

Tips for keeping stress at bay this Christmas 2020. How to get through the darkest days in a year of pandemic.

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28th July 2020
Relieve tension, stress & anxiety in the comfort of your home

Relieve tension, stress and anxiety with soothing reflexology in the comfort of your home.

29th August 2019
Stressed, Emotional, Sleepless and Anxious

She needed to become more resilient to be able to get though this stressful period in her life and she needed someone to support her on that part of her journey. Meanwhile, she was feeling drained from lack of sleep, experiencing more frequent stabbing pains in her legs, her concentration at work was suffering and […]

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Authentic Reflexology

Art of Caroline

9th December 2022
Art of Caroline at Carlow's Sensory Gardens

For art, coffee, sensory gardens & festive lights visit Carlow's Cafe Thyme. Art of Caroline Cunningham exhibiting until February 2023 (Delta Centre).

13th November 2022
Ganga Dreaming - The Call Of India

A journey on the holy river to the heart of what matters. Indian Heart Way is that journey in colour, sights & precious memories.

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