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Calming & Super Knowledgeable

My reflexology treatment was very relaxing and calming. Caroline’s observations encouraged me to make small changes in my day to day living. Caroline is very friendly and super knowledgeable. I highly recommend her wellbeing services.

Katie Dunne, Tullow, Co. Carlow

Incredibly Relaxing Home Treatment Cancer Care

I found Caroline’s reflexology treatments incredibly relaxing and I really looked forward to her visits while undergoing chemotherapy. Caroline has a lovely friendly personality and the option of home visits was fantastic.

Claire, Dublin

        Motivation & Focus        

The reflexology treatment was wonderful! It was just what I needed. I started running again which I always enjoy but I had lost my motivation for a very long time. So, the next day knowing I had two hours free I just started jogging all along the west-peer and surroundings. Felt great and focused afterwards.

Maria Muffat, Dublin

Energised & Fewer Headaches

I have been feeling really good since my reflexology treatment, more energised and motivated. My tummy seems to have settled and I have fewer headaches.

S. Lynch, Dublin

Helpful physically & emotionally

The reflexology treatments were helpful both physically and emotionally. Caroline is an experienced therapist with a friendly attitude and good advice, I highly recommend her as a therapist.

Hazel, Dublin

            Feeling at Ease            

Caroline is very approachable and knowledgeable. I found the reflexology good for overall health and feeling at ease within myself. I felt more focused, energised and motivated as a result of a course of treatments.

Melanie, Dublin

          Stress-free Zone           

Caroline is an excellent therapist with extraordinary skills. The healing element is vital but she manages to put her clients in a total stress free zone. I adored the chimes as the music played by some therapists can be so very distracting. Caroline has healing hands and I felt excellent afterwards

Colette Coughlan, Dublin

            Walking on Air            

Thank you so much for reflexology! Before treatment I was tired and my feet hurt from walking around. Afterward, I felt so much more energetic, I felt like I was walking on air and the swelling had gone down in my broken arm.


The next day, I had a 10 hour flight. I was anticipating a lot of discomfort with my arm. To my delight, I was nearly pain free throughout my travels. Reflexology really works!

I highly recommend Caroline for Reflexology. She is gentle, but she works miracles!

Anna is the Author of Amazon Best Seller “Black Belt Selling: Closing with confidence

Anna Scheller U.S.A

Tummies settled & sleeping better

I brought my two little boys to Caroline and she was fantastic with them and with me. Caroline showed me how to do some home treatment with my boys and it has helped a lot as they sleep better and their tummies have settled.

A. O’Shea, Carlow