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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

How Reflexology Helped Me

I discovered reflexology over twenty years ago in my search for ways to restore my health and wellbeing. I had reached a point of burn out in my work and personal life. I left my job as a math and science teacher and started out on what I now call my Authentic Path.

Reflexology became my go-to therapy when I needed to steady myself. It helped me to maintain calm and clarity of mind for making bigger life decisions and managing stress.
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Authentic Reflexology

In my journey toward wellness I eventually became pain-free, I was exercising more and I achieved a healthier weight. I had more energy and found my zest for life. I realised that wellness and authenticity went hand in hand and I had a growing desire to help others on their wellness journey. I chose reflexology as my starting point and for its capacity for restoring balance to mind and body.

As a graduate of Science, reflexology resonated with me even more as its foundation in modern times is based on scientific research. I found a teacher who had studied with the nephew of Eunice Ingham (a pioneer of reflexology) and on completion of my diploma (with distinction), I had the opportunity to study with another pioneer Hanne Marquardt.

I engage in continuous professional development to keep informed in the best practices in reflexology, for example, when used in cancer care, pain relief, pregnancy and fertility care. During 2020 COVID-19 pandemic I completed all the W.H.O. courses in infection prevention measures and I completed The Science of Wellbeing course provided by Yale University. I’m a member of Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd. (I.R.I.L.).

Reflexology as a Wellness Strategy

I have assisted clients through illnesses such as cancer and M.S and worked with clients with autism and their families. Reflexology is also a popular therapy with clients in their fertility and pregnancy journeys. I’ve supported many clients in their efforts to restore and maintain life balance when navigating challenging transitions such as career change or loss due to death or relationship breakdown.

I love that reflexology is adaptable to my clients situation and condition for example it can be applied to the hands and can be performed in a seated position if necessary. I’ve created reflexology workshops to assist with self-care and for parents and their children.

Nowadays, I provide reflexology in my clients’ homes or place of work helping them to create a comfortable setting to ensure maximum relaxation during treatment.

Author and Coach

Anxiety is a common issue for many clients which I why I wrote Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self. I also offer Authentic Path personalised coaching and online courses.

Reflexology in the News

Reflexology has been very beneficial in my life and in the lives of my clients. I want more people to experience it for themselves. For that reason I have presented reflexology at national events and have appeared in the media including radio and national television. My reflexology blogs were consistently in the finals of the Ireland Blog Awards for a number of years.

What Reflexology can do for You?

Reflexology has been shown to restore balance to mind and body and improves circulation. There are many additional benefits of this pressure-based therapy, such as improved sleep, reduced anxiety, pain relief, improved energy and mood. If you need support while facing life’s challenges or to maintain your wellbeing my reflexology therapy is a good choice. I provide home treatments in Dublin and Carlow and surrounding counties.

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