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Relieve tension, stress & anxiety in the comfort of your home

Relieve tension, stress and anxiety with soothing reflexology in the comfort of your home.

Stressed, Emotional, Sleepless and Anxious

She needed to become more resilient to be able to get though this stressful period in her life and she needed someone to support her on that part of her journey. Meanwhile, she was feeling drained from lack of sleep, experiencing more frequent stabbing pains in her legs, her concentration at work was suffering and […]

Reflexology Home Treatment for Comfort

Reflexology home treatment allows you to experience personalised therapy in the comfort of your own home. Home treatments not only allow for convenience but can be essential in situations where travel by the client is not conducive to their health and well-being. Clients with special needs (includes autism) Clients with mobility issues Pregnant clients with […]

Reflexology is not supposed to be painful!

During my time as a specialist in reflexology therapy and as someone who has demonstrated my therapy at national and local events and on TV and radio, I have from time to time heard stories of people who had a negative experience of reflexology. After hearing their story and asking a few additional questions I […]

Reflexology not the same as Foot Massage

"Reflexology when expertly used, has been shown to improve circulation, relieve tension and bring balance to body and mind." There is evidence of this type of treatment in ancient cultures (of Egypt and China for example) but the use of the term ‘reflexology’ is more associated with the work of Eunice Ingham who’s research continued […]

Autism - Reflexology Offers Calm

Communication with the client is an important feature of reflexology therapy. It starts with the consultation and continues with regular check-ins as to how the client may be experiencing the therapy and what benefits they feel they have received. "But what if a client cannot verbally communicate with the therapist as may be the case […]

Therapy Room Make-Over - Carlow Reflexology

Caroline Cunningham is a reflexology specialist providing treatments in Carlow, Dublin and areas such as Bunclody, Castledermot and Baltinglass.

Reflexology Balance for Fertility

When adrenaline takes the lead in our biological processes, it can knock fertility hormones out of kilter. Reflexology has a steadying effect allowing men and women to rebalance mentally and biologically. Regular treatments can boost immunity and relieve tension. There is also the emotional stability that can be crucial when couples have had a longer […]

Reflexology covered by Health Insurance

Many people with health insurance are not aware that they have cover for reflexology therapy and that they are missing out on this valuable health and wellbeing benefit. "The fact that Irish Health Insurers cover reflexology, in my view, adds to the credibility of the effectiveness of the therapy." I provide a bespoke reflexology wellness […]

Steady yourself with Reflexology - Balance Therapy

"Letting go of old ways and making big life decisions during these periods of transition, left me feeling quite unsteady at times. I was in danger of triggering past anxieties, accumulating tension upon tension." I was someone with a goal. I wanted to change my ways to be more positive, to embrace new experiences and […]

Nerve Reflexology for Pain Relief

In September 2017, I had the opportunity to study with the first reflexologist in the world to attain Doctorate level of education in the field of reflexology therapy. During our training module Dr. Samuel covered the theory and practice of Nerve Reflexology with specific application for Pain relief. As I am also a former Science […]

Hanne Marquardt Reflexotherapy

"What is Reflexotherapy of the feet and who is Hanne Marquardt?" 'Always remember', she paused for effect, 'you are treating a person not a body or just their feet but a whole person.' In order not to forget this fact, Hanne urged us to use the term 'someone' as opposed to 'somebody'. Studying with Hanne […]