Terms & Conditions

Payments for goods and services:

  • Debit and Credit card payments are accepted via the on-line shopping system (which is secured by Stripe).
  • Prices displayed are in Euro €
  • Before purchasing original paintings, contact us via the contact form prior to making payment, so as to be advised of a detailed description of the painting, its associated delivery charges and to make arrangements for delivery.
  • Commissions will only be undertaken after a detailed discussion about the project to ensure that you, the purchaser are satisfied to proceed. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed total (exclusive of delivery) will be required in advance of starting the project with the remainder due, including any associated delivery costs, upon completion of the work.

Delivery of Art Products & Books:

  • Limited Edition Prints purchased directly from Caroline Cunningham are packaged, rolled, in a strong card-board tube and sent by registered post which has its own track and trace system.
  • Printed books, when purchased directly from the author, will be shipped either by registered postal system or standard post depending on the quantity and location. For example the shipping of one to three books within Ireland will be by standard post. Shipping to the USA for any quantity of books will be by registered post. It may be worth checking Amazon for delivery options to your location as my books are available there.
  • Paintings are delivered either by courier or post using a tracking service and insurance. I use recycled packaging as much as possible and a lot of care goes into making the package sturdy and protective.
  • Some art work may be too delicate to be insured during transport e.g. framed pieces that include glass, such art work is only available for collection by the buyer once payment has been made. The buyer is responsible for the transport and packaging of this artwork.
  • Delivery of fine art prints and original paintings may take up to 15 working days to arrive but usually less in terms of deliveries within Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. In case of global events (e.g. pandemic), deliveries may be restricted or delayed, please be patient and check with Caroline before making any purchase from this site.

Returns & Claims Resolution:

  • Every effort will be made to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase experience. For this reason it is important when choosing original art work that you contact us prior to making payment so as to be fully advised of the details of the artwork, such as dimensions and materials, details of frame (if framed).
  • During enquiry you will be advised as to the most suitable delivery options. You are advised to take care when unpacking the art-work or removing prints from their protective tube.
  • Refunds are only offered in the event that damage has occurred to the artwork/books during delivery in the instance that Caroline Cunningham has organized this transport on your behalf. For this reason is it vital that you inspect all deliveries in the presence of the courier delivering the artwork and make a record on their delivery docket if there are any issues. Contact Caroline Cunningham within 24 hours should there be any issue with your delivery and include photographic evidence of same. The buyer is responsible for any delivery costs associated with the returns of damaged products.
  • No refunds are given for damage to artwork or books during transport where the buyer collects the artwork or books in person or nominates a person/company to collect it on their behalf. In this instance the buyer will be responsible for packaging the artwork in a protective way.
  • Once purchased the buyer is responsible for care and maintenance of all artwork/books purchased from Caroline Cunningham.

Additional Terms:

  • Some items displayed on this website, may lead to an external supplier of Caroline’s work, such as Fine Art America (on-line gallery) or Amazon. In this situation the buyer deals directly with the external supplier and the supplier’s terms and conditions apply to such purchases.
  • If you have any remaining queries with regards to the purchase of artwork please get in touch via the contact form.
  • The terms and conditions outlined here with regards to payment, delivery and claims, also apply to the sale of books.
  • With regards to booking of therapy treatments, workshops and coaching programmes you will be advised of their full terms and conditions including cancellation policies as part of your booking enquiry.
  • Caroline Cunningham accepts no responsibility for loss or injury or offence derived from any of her artwork, books, blogs, on-line courses or coaching programmes which the buyer has elected to purchase.
  • Caroline Cunningham retains the right not to provide products or services to individuals or groups if for any reason it has been ascertained to be inappropriate or unsuitable to either party.
  • All therapies and coaching programmes provided by Caroline Cunningham are subject to consultation whereby the client is expected to provide accurate details regarding their health and wellbeing at the time of and prior to provision of Caroline's treatments and or coaching services. Caroline does not accept responsibility for the absence of information that could be relevant to the client’s health which has not been provided by the client in advance of or during the provision of services provided by Caroline.
  • Each service provided by Caroline Cunningham will have its own individual terms and conditions and procedures outlined prior to purchase.

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