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I Discovered My Passion

I was stressed with a lot going on in my life. I needed to find space to clear my mind. Caroline helped me to relax. Then, by asking me a few relevant questions I got an ‘aha moment’. I left with an idea for starting a new business doing something I really care about. I discovered my passion and left feeling energised.

M. Ryan, Canada

More Aware of Signs of Stress & Anxiety

The biggest benefit of the coaching programme was having someone to listen to me, who ‘gets’ what’s going on with me. Caroline helped me to put in place a step by step self-care routine. Also, I’m more aware of the signs of anxiety and stress now and am able to do things that reduce their effects.

Sarah-Jane, Carlow, Ireland

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Making Life More Amazing

Caroline is gifted and is clearly an excellent mentor. I will work more with her in the future. Caroline boosted me to get onto the right track very quickly, without me even realising. This means Caroline was very able to make me understand what I needed to do.

Alison MacColl, Reflexology Therapist

Authentic Path Inspiration

I recommend Caroline Cunningham to anyone seeking the path of authenticity, whatever way that manifests itself. I’ve heard nothing but exceptional reviews of her reflexology therapy, as a seeker of the light myself, I find Caroline very inspiring.

Rachel Nolan, Yogiberry, Carlow

A Fresh New Perspective

Caroline's Seven C’s to Calm offers a fresh, new perspective on how we view our anxiety with a workbook to help track, monitor and record your progress. A simple and effective approach in helping you in reclaiming your anxiety-free self!

Krystal Long, Mental Health & Wellness Facilitator, Ireland

Invites Peace & Tranquility

Caroline poems are soothing and inspiring. Her words have the power to captivate and charm the soul. Connecting with Nature is a very effective way to reduce symptoms of stress, because it slows down the mind and helps the body to relax. Reading poetry is an instant way of inviting peace and tranquillity into your life. Caroline combines both in ‘The Whisperings of Nature’.

Gloria Mc Breen,
We Are Holistic, Ireland

So Inspiring

Caroline's passion and creativity in everything she does is so inspiring. Her enthusiasm will certainly guide you to success.

Kerry Manning Author

Importance of Time for Self Care

Caroline’s four week well-being workshop opened my eyes and made me realise the importance of having time for myself. I cannot help anyone else if I cannot help myself.

Mag, Co. Carlow

Learning to Relax & Listen

I really enjoyed the workshops and would like to continue. I learned how to relax more and to listen better and I made new friends. I highly recommend Caroline as a facilitator.

Katrena Blake, Hacketstown, Carlow