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My Journey

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

Life before Break True

In 1999, prolonged stress lead me to burn-out, a debilitating and humbling experience which I've incorporated into my lifes work. At that time, there was no discussion around mindfulness or mental health, only a sense of shame in appearing to be weak or broken. 

I was not weak. I simply needed to understand why this happened, find way's to recover and build resilience. But actually, I did a lot more than this and you can too.

I left my job as a Maths and Science teacher and moved to the city. For a while, I worked in administrative roles in corporate companies where work was more structured and routine enough to allow me the headspace I needed for learning and paving a new path.

It was a career coach who nudged me to explore my creative side. She pointed me towards a singing school with a coach who had a focus on being meaningful, true to yourself and ultimately vocally free. I decided to find out more.

Breaking True

My new creative studies gave me a sense of purpose and a desire to improve other aspects of myself. This was not easy. I had no real life examples of others who had successfully transformed their lives. Useful information was not so available or accessible as today. I had to devise my own strategies. It took time. The good news is, when you work with me, I save you that time.

Freedom in Authenticity

I've engaged with and learned from many types of therapies and practicioners. What benefited me the most was the development of self-awareness and ability to look at things clearly, fearlessly and honestly.

This was the skill I mastered throughout 20 years of working with my singing coach, mostly in a group setting, where students learned to coach one another and learned to self coach. It's true to say this was a very innovative and holistic approach in the schooling of singing.

I used my new sklll to examine the aspects of mental and physical health that had impacted my life. I set about dealing with each and every part. I eventually waved goodbye to depression, anxiety and excrutiaitng menstrual pain. I became a healthier weight, I was less prone to infections, I was more confident. Life became more interesting and amazing.

Travel & Creativity

Through solo travel I tested my new found confidence and trust in my intuition. India awakened my senses with its vibrant colours, exotic smells, sounds and flavours. I returned to Ireland bursting with inspiration and launched my first ever solo art exhibition. My imposter was left standing at the door watching as my artwork gained admirers and new owners.

My first trip to Peru brought further creative inspiration, this time through writing. Within a year I returned to experience life in a mountain village in the Saced Valley of Cuzco, close to Machu Picchu. I continued to write about that experience through my blogs which featured in the finals of Ireland's Blog Awards.

My experience in Peru provided deeper healing. I had arrived as a stranger, learning a new language and I left with friends who treated me as a member of their family. Furthermore, my journey in Peru connected me with the diaspora of Peruvians in Ireland as an invited guest at their cultural celebrations.

Nature and Healing

Throughout my journey of recovery, I developed a deeper connection with nature, especially trees. I found compassion there and calm.

When I look back at all the things my wellness recovery has allowed me to achieve I'm truly amazed because if someone had said to me prior to burn out, that I some day I would be writing books, exhibiting art, travelling solo,  along with helping others on their wellness journey towards authenticity, I really would not have believed them.

Burn-out turned out to be my moment of Break True. I realised I needed to help people to uncover their potential for living healthy and happy lives. That's  why I started my first business in 2013 as a reflexology therapist, with training in many aspects of healing, including energy healing.

The Bigger Picture

Life is better lived as an adventure of discovery. I’m not yet all that I can be. My Authentic Path coaching service developed as a result of my reflexology clients who were eager to learn from my unique store of knowledge and experience.

Clients who were stuck in a rut and low in energy left feeling energised and motivated to take charge of their well-being. Some even got the courage to follow their hearts and change careers or take that dream holiday they had been longing for. Quite a few clients admitted that anxiety was ruling their lives. I started to write books and self -guided programmes to help my clients navigate the obstacles to their success.

I also provide a personalised wellness coaching service for professionals who need some support to get through challenging periods in life while maintaining a focus on their important goals.

I also help small business teams and their managers who want to 'do better' by addressing their wellbeing, because when focus and energy are diminished so too is the ability to perform well and achieve those important goals. 

What about your Journey?

Would you like to have more vitality and sense of purpose? Do you have goals but find you’re constantly procrastinating or losing focus and momentum? Is your time slipping away and you struggle to maintain a balance between work and personal commitments? Do you need to boost your energy and ability to be innovative? Do you know who you would be without the obstacles that hold you back? Do you know the signs of burnout?

Now is the best time to take action and start living your best life.

Get in touch to arrange a suitability call for personalised coaching or check out my range of on-line courses.
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