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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

Life before Break True

In 1999, prolonged stress in my teaching career and personal life lead me to burn-out. That was a frightening and humbling experience which I have never forgotten. Back then, there was no discussion around mindfulness or mental health, there was only a sense of shame in appearing to be weak. I know now, I had nothing to be ashamed of; I was not weak at all, I just needed to learn about recovery, perspective and how to keep well.

I left my job as a Maths and Science teacher and moved to the city to take up administrative work in the corporate sphere. Most importantly, I gave myself space to find new interests and strategies that would lead to better outcomes.

A career coach persuaded me to explore my love of singing. Even though I secretly loved to sing and had some flair for art in general, I had never entertained the idea of being able to succeed as a creative person. I always felt like the imposter. I had let fear rule my life.

Breaking True

When I joined the Bel Canto School of Singing I discovered that everyone can learn to sing. Learning to sing more freely and naturally with meaning gave me a sense of purpose and the desire to improve other aspects of myself. This took time, not just because real and lasting change takes time, information on wellness was not so available and I had few examples of others who had successfully transformed their lives.

Freedom in Authenticity

I found my way by engaging with holistic practices and therapies. I started to recognise my stress triggers and to understand the connections between trauma, depression and anxiety which had caused me to live a very timid and restrictive life.

I changed my diet, reached a healthier weight, exercised regularly, meditated, I joined yoga and dance classes. I challenged my negative thoughts and became more positive. I took classes in assertiveness and conflict resolution. In a few years I became pain-free, less prone to infections, more confident and effective in communicating.

Travel & Creativity

Solo travel provided the opportunity to test my new found confidence and develop trust in my intuition. India awakened my senses with its vibrant colours, exotic smells, sounds and flavours. I returned to Ireland bursting with inspiration and actually had my first ever solo art exhibition entitled Indian Heart Way in 2009. My imposter was left standing at the door watching as my artwork gained admirers and new owners.

My first trip to Peru in 2012, had me writing before the plane even touched the ground and the words kept coming months after returning home. Visiting Machu Picchu was a profound experience for me. I had to return. A year later, I made it happen and spent a few months in a mountain village in the Sacred Valley. I arrived as a stranger, learning to speak their language and I left with friends who made me part of their families. For three years I wrote about my experience there, it was truly transformational.

Nature and Healing

Throughout my journey of recovery, I developed a deeper connection with nature, especially trees. I found compassion there along with inspiration for colourful paintings and poetry. It was a natural progression for me to explore my capacity for helping others.

My burn-out experience turned out to be my moment of Break True. Before then I never would have believed that I would go on to write and publish books, have art exhibitions and exhibit my therapy at national events, including on national TV, along with speaking on radio and being in the finals of blog awards on several occasions. I wanted to help more people like me to uncover their potential for living healthy and happy lives.

In 2013, I started my business Authentic Reflexology. Being self-employed is the ultimate test of your character. There are many lessons to be learned in this capacity and I’m constantly learning about the world of business while helping others to get started too.

The Bigger Picture

Life is better lived as an adventure of discovery. I’m not yet all that I can be. My Authentic Path coaching service developed as a result of my reflexology clients who were eager to learn from my unique store of knowledge and experience.

Clients who were stuck in a rut and low in energy left feeling energised and motivated to take charge of their well-being and some even got the courage to follow their hearts and change careers or take that dream holiday they had been longing for.

Quite a few clients admitted that anxiety was ruling their lives. I started to write books to help my clients navigate obstacles to their success. I’ve had a front row seat when it comes matters involving changing mind-set, developing resilience and a sense of purpose. Authentic Path is my personalised coaching service, available on-line or in person. My coaching services are also suitable to business owners who want to show leadership in taking the wellness of their employees to the next level.

What about your Journey?

Do you want to transform your life? Would you like to have more vitality and sense of purpose? Do you have goals but find you’re constantly procrastinating or losing focus and momentum? Is your time slipping away and you struggle to maintain a balance between work and personal commitments. Do you need to boost your energy and creativity? Do you know who you would without the obstacles that hold you back?

Now is the best time to take action and start living your best life.

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