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Reclaiming Calm in a Busy World - Easons Carlow Event

Find out how to reclaim calm in a busy world - book event sponsored by Easons - October 19th 2023 Fairgreen Shopping Centre

Anxiety as a focus-robber & what to do about it - Access to Webinar

Civily Partners founder Catherine Mattice in conversation with Caroline Cunningham addressing focus-robbing anxiety - LinkedIn Webinar 2023

Keeping Calm for Highly Focused Productivity

Improve your focus and productivity and live life to your full potential. Reduce anxiety, reclaim calm with these free resources - Authentic Path Coach.

Tips for a Stress-free Christmas 2020

Tips for keeping stress at bay this Christmas 2020. How to get through the darkest days in a year of pandemic.

Top 3 tips for resilience in pandemic - KCLR Podcast

How do you avoid burn out in a pandemic that seems un-ending? Wellness Coach Caroline Cunningham gives 3 Top Tips for Resilience in Business.

How I Changed my Life through Authentic Path Personalised Wellness Programme

I was struggling and stuck in a rut and had no idea how to get myself out of it. The coaching sessions came at just the right time for me when I needed it the most. Authentic Path Wellness Coaching via Zoom. (GMT)

Each for equal, confident, empowered & authentic humans

Here I am striking the 'each for equal' pose to highlight the message of International Women's Day 2020 , The #eachforequal campaign asks us to keep this message alive throughout the year to make a strong collective statement to accelerate change for gender equality. First celebrated in 1911, International Women's Day is now celebrated globally […]

Novel Coronavirus - Resources for preventing spread of this highly infectious disease

This article was first published Feb 24th 2020 in response to lack of meaningful instruction to the public from the Irish Health Service with regards to preventing the spread of novel Coronavirus. As cases of the virus started to rise in mainland Europe and people were returning to Ireland from Italy, the H.S.E. finally issued […]

Check List for Preventing Cold & Flu Infections & Avoiding Epidemics

I get less colds and flu's than I did in the past, not because of luck of the draw but because of the committment I made to self-care and mindful living. I share valuable insights here so you can achieve greater wellbeing and have more time to enjoy your life. Article contains an afiliate link […]

Together we can change our world - Access Hack Challenge - Inspirefest 2019

Each of us has the power to influence positive change in our society and this is true regardless of age, gender or ability. I want more people to realise their true potential and power, which is why I must tell you about what happened at this year’s Inspirefest (2019). During this amazing event, full of […]

Reaching my goal weight was great but maintaining it was more important - My Story of Weight-Loss

Contained in this article to help you with your wellbeing, is one affiliate link for a nutrient tracker resource which may offer me a small reward for its promotion. I’m often asked about the secret to my successful weight-loss. People tell me they've tried many diet plans and slimming programs that worked for a while […]

Carlow Creative Rising - Things are happening in Carlow

I dived right in and within a short space of time a portrait drawing of mine was being displayed on the outside of the Post Office building alongside the work of fellow artists. I started having art exhibitions and book launches in the county library and not only that, RTE's TV camera’s came to see […]