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Book of Nature Poems - Wisdom, Comfort and Inspiration

"The Whisperings of Nature' is a collection of 15 nature inspired poems which have appeal for nature lovers seeking wisdom, comfort and inspiration from the beauty that is found in Nature." A few years later after gaining more confidence and knowledge it was time to take bolder steps. I decided to publish my first book. […]

The Moment of Break True

Sometimes when I tell people about my experience of burn or I relate someone else's story, I notice some listeners' discomfort and desire to distance themselves from the topic. Their comments suggest 'how could someone let that happen' or 'this couldn't happen to me'. And yet, people continue to fall into this trap of burn […]

The Whisperings of Nature - Book Launch

Creative expression is good for us, it helps us to understand who we are and connects us with others. In addition, by daring to be authentic you pave the way for others to allow their authenticity to come through. Being authentic gives you access to greater wellbeing. The stories I tell here through my blogs […]

That Day In The Forest

Following your Authentic Path takes courage. Often we need some inspiration and guidance on our way to becoming more open and purposeful. Trees have been instrumental as healers in my own journey. I invite you to check out my paintings and prints from The Sacred Lives of Trees collection. Add vibrancy of colour and nature […]

Astonomy In Ireland And Peru

This was the title of my article published in a 2012 edition of Astronomy Ireland Magazine. Travel has been a source of inspiration in my life and has been instrumental in my healing process and path to authenticity. When I visited Peru for the first time I experienced a creative shift, some call it an […]

5 Steps To Becoming A Robot - Is this happening to you?

Imagine a mechanical society with no thinking or feeling, everyone rushing about on auto-pilot, elbowing out of the way anything that appears on the horizon that doesn't match in with their preferred mode of existence. Would you be happy with this? Do you think it’s already happening on our streets? How can keep you in […]