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To create one’s own world in any of the arts takes courage  - Georgia O’Keeffe

Heart Knows the Way

We don’t always follow what’s in our heart. Hearts and minds can get crowded with a lot of noise and turbulence. In 1999, I was forced to stop and take stock of my life. I left a career as a teacher of Maths and Science and spent the years since then cutting through that noise and calming the turbulence.

Most definitely it takes courage to create in any of the arts. I started with my first love which is singing. I dedicated many years to a study of vocal freedom, learning to sing in a meaningful and natural way. Through singing came a greater connection with my true spirit, a desire to heal and be more authentic.

My journey has involved travel, most significantly in India, Portugal and Peru. Through travel I established trust in my own instincts, formed lasting friendships and received an abundance of inspiration for painting and writing.

Exhibitions and Studies

My first solo art exhibition took place in 2010, in North Frederick Street Dublin, at The Lovin’ Spoon café. I presented my Indian Heart Way collection which told a story of my travels through India. All of my paintings sold except for the one I claimed for my own private collection.

In the following years I took life-drawing and painting classes at the National College of Art and Design and the Royal Hibernian Academy, where I learned from accomplished artists, tutors and aspiring peers. In addition, my lunch breaks were spent visiting the National Art Gallery which was close to where I worked at the time.

I’ve exhibited my works during Dublin’s Peoples Art Exhibition, at the Design House on Dublin’s Dawson Street and at Whyte’s Hotel Wexford during their Art in the Open festival. I’ve had solo exhibitions in the beautiful Shaw room in Carlow County Library and at Art Bank Bunclody. I’ve also enjoyed exhibiting with fellow artists from Carlow and Wexford.

In 2017, my artwork featured on national TV in RTE’s Nationwide programme during which I was interviewed about my wellness journey and creative accomplishments.

The Sacred Lives of Trees

My biggest leap of faith was the decision to create a collection of paintings entitled The Sacred Lives of Trees. I was launching a new website with some support from my local enterprise office and I wanted to create something special to coincide with this.

Trees have been instrumental in my healing journey and I wanted to generate a conversation about the contribution of trees for this purpose. To generate interest, I announced a Fund-It campaign to support the launch. It was incredible. Not only did I achieve my target fund I was offered additional support within my business network mainly through twitter. The exhibition was a huge success as it also gave people the opportunity to express their sentiments regarding trees and their relevance in their lives.

Art Connecting People & Places

Art connects me with people and places around the world. The highlights so far have been the #MindtheGap commission. I was asked to create an art piece that connected Carlow, London and New York. Within a few days of its creation the piece was presented in New York to an association of Carlow people residing there. It was accompanied by a poem of the same name which I wrote for their St. Patricks Day celebrations.

Taking part in the Pure Thinking community project to honour inspiring people in my home county was another highlight. My portrait of a dear neighbour was one of those selected for display on the outer panels of the county post office.

Publishing my book of poetry The Whisperings of Nature connected me with more nature lovers who not only enjoyed my poetry but also became art clients. I occasionally accept invitations to be part of artistic projects which combine art and writing such as The Silence, The Dreaming Doors.

Keeping Your Dream Alive

My art is an expression of stories that awaken dreams and keep them alive. I love vibrant colours and the freedom of allowing imagination to seep through reality.

I invite you to explore my artwork in the interest of feeding your own dreams and keeping them alive. You will find landscapes, trees, scenes from lands such as India and Portugal. You can choose from original paintings in a variety of sizes or a range of prints including some limited editions.

Additionally, if you have an idea for a painting or creative project get in touch to discuss to make it happen.
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