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Special Needs

Special Needs

We all have special needs. We are all individual and unique. To be acknowledged in our individuality and specialness is something we all appreciate deeply. Assisting a family with a son or daughter who has special/additional needs has been a very rewarding experience in my career as reflexology therapist.

It’s distressing when your child is clearly anxious and tense and perhaps not able to express themselves as to what is causing their unease. Their anxiety can be restrictive for the entire family if, for example, they are too nervous to leave the home or to allow a visitor to provide additional home supports. The family have to work around their loved one’s anxiety as best they can and this too can be stressful and tiring.

The Impact of Prolonged Stress

Stress affects us all similarly. When we have prolonged stress or anxiety our body gets overloaded with hormones that keep us in a state of readiness to flee. Our muscles and tissues tighten, our breathing quickens and becomes shallow, our heart rate increases, digestion becomes less important which means our body absorbs less nutrients from our food and we may even experience issues such as constipation.

Poor quality sleep further affects our mood and behaviour and if we are unable to express ourselves like others that can cause further aggravation and frustration. With so many body systems affected our immunity also becomes impacted and we become prone to illness and infection.

Ease Tension & Restore Calm with Authentic Reflexology

Everyone needs a break from this vicious cycle of stress reactions and the good news is everyone has the capacity to let go and relax more, including your loved one with special needs. There are many therapies that offer relaxation but reflexology is especially suitable as it is applied to the feet and only requires the removal of shoes and socks. It can even be applied to the hands if a person does not like their feet being touched.

Reflexology has been shown to bring balance to body systems, relieving tension and improving circulation. Reflexology can lead to deep relaxation, better sleep and mood. During reflexology treatment, I apply specific types of pressure to reflex points on the feet, which correspond with body organs and systems.

When you choose ‘Authentic Reflexology’ you have the additional benefit of my 20+ years’ experience of developing personalised and effective self-care strategies, which I share with families of my clients with special needs.

While I trained initially in reiki energy healing, reflexology is my specialist therapy as I have found it very stabilising during times of stress and anxiety.

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Bespoke Service for Your Family

I provide treatments for children or adults with special needs in the comfort of their homes. I highly recommend that you as carer or parent also receive a treatment during the home visit, this is a good way to introduce the therapy to your child with special needs and allows you to restore balance also.

Paying close attention to the response of your loved one, I use deep breathing cues and gentle touch to guide them deeper into relaxation. You both will get a chance to breath, and find a place of calm within.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose your Treatment Plan:

I provide treatment plans consisting of 4 and 6 treatments. Each treatment plan consists of a detailed consultation, reflexology treatments and personalised wellness resources to help you maintain calm and ease for you and your family.

All details of price plans, location and terms and conditions are available in our Frequently Asked Questions.

To find out how to get started book a 15 minute suitability call from the booking calendar or send an email via the contact page.

I want to Book a Family Treatment Plan

Book your Suitability Call

Use the calendar & dropdown menu to book a 15 minute suitability call at a time that is most convenient to you. Tick the days you are free on or after that date. Follow the steps to submit your request and I will confirm your booking as soon as possible. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a pressure-based therapy, most popularly applied to the feet. The therapist uses their hands to apply pressure techniques to parts of the feet known as reflexes. These reflexes correspond to organs and systems within your body.

Reflexology is shown to relieve tension, improve circulation and restore balance to mind and body. Learn about the Origins of Reflexology.

What Are The Wider Benefits Of Reflexology?

My clients use reflexology to manage stress while working towards important goals which can be personal or career related or both. Clients report benefits such as improved sleep, having more energy, more focus and calm.

Along with helping you perform at your best, reflexology provides balance during a couple’s fertility journey and provides relief from some of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy.

Many clients use reflexology to support their journey through illnesses such as cancer & M.S. Reflexology is beneficial for people of all ages and all abilities.

Authentic Reflexology treatment plans are here: fertility, restoring balance, upping your game, pregnancy, relief during illness, special needs/family.

Will I Need To Consult With My Doctor Before Having Reflexology?

It may be necessary to obtain your doctors approval before starting reflexology treatments. As a general guide, if you’re under medical observation or taking medication this may apply to you. These details will be established in your initial enquiry. Alternatively here’s handy check list to help you further.

Is It Advisable To Have Reflexology Treatment During Pregnancy?

While reflexology is a beneficial treatment during pregnancy, it’s considered best practice to wait until after your first trimester. In some cases you may need to get your doctors approval before starting treatment. I will help you with these details during your enquiry. Meanwhile here’s a handy guide to help your further.

What Happens During My First Reflexology Treatment?

At Authentic Reflexology I provide a bespoke reflexology & wellness service to clients who want more lasting benefits from their treatment plan. Your reflexology therapy starts with a detailed consultation by phone or video call. Following this call, I create a personalised treatment programme for your needs. Each treatment consists of a foot examination and application of reflexology to your feet. As part of your personalised plan you will receive additional resources and strategies to help you towards your goals.

Check my guide on how to prepare for your first treatment, including tips on how to turn your space into a relaxing therapy zone.

Is Reflexology Painful?

My intention is to put you fully at ease throughout treatment. I apply a variety of pressure techniques depending on the condition of the reflexes in your feet. If parts of your feet are tender these will be treated gently and effectively.

Communication during treatment can help to put clients at ease, especially during the first treatment. Some clients fall asleep during treatment because they enter deep relaxation. Find out which reflexology treatment plan is best for you in your home by booking a suitability call via our  contact page.

What Are Your Infection Prevention Procedures?

Infection prevention and safety measures are always to the fore in my practice. Since the COVID-19 pandemic your assistance may be required to ensure peace of mind for everyone concerned. Check my safety guide outlining how we can minimise risks of infection due to COVID-19.

Where Do You Provide Reflexology Treatment?

I provide a bespoke reflexology wellness service to clients in their homes in Carlow & Dublin and parts of the south east of Ireland. Be sure to mention your location during your booking enquiry.

Is Reflexology Covered By Health Insurance?

I’m member of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd., this means, health insurers provide cover to my clients once they have the policy that includes reflexology. Make sure to check your policy in advance of treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

At Authentic Reflexology I help you to choose the treatment plan that is most suited to your needs. Plans consist of 4 or 6 treatments and include detailed consultation, reflexology treatment in your home and wellness resources, with every part customised to your needs.

Check out Authentic Reflexology Treatment Plans & Workshop Options: fertility, restoring balance, upping your game, pregnancy, relief during illness, special needs/family.

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

The wellbeing of your family unit underpins the life experience of every member. This is why I offer a bespoke service to parents and their children (aged 16 and under) by providing reflexology treatments in their homes.

These treatment plans are particularly suitable for families with children who have special or additional needs. All treatment plans are inclusive of consultation, reflexology home treatments and wellness resources.

For one adult and one child receiving reflexology in their home the investment is as follows:

  • Investment for 4 treatments: €750
  • Investment for 6 treatments: €1,025

First instalment of €300 is due prior to the consultation (and first treatment) while the remainder is paid in instalments (€150/€145 depending on plan) prior to the second and subsequent treatments.

Treatment time allotted for children in these plans is 30 minutes.

If you’d like to include one extra child in this treatment plan the investment is €950 for 4 treatments or €1,325 for 6 treatments.

Get in touch. to book a 15 minute suitability call for your treatment plan or to enquire about other options such as longer treatment times for children over 16 or parent and child reflexology workshops.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

A lot of preparation goes into ensuring you get the best experience of our service, for that reason you are asked to give a minimum of 24hours notice in the event that you need cancel an appointment. Cancellation fees may apply in some situations. You will be fully informed during the booking process or you can check our terms and conditions here.