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Reflexology Home Treatment – Adapting to COVID-19

Adapting to a Global Pandemic

We are all aware of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world and its implications for the health of society and our economy. We all bear a responsibility for keeping each other safe. Adapting to the pandemic means there are changes to the way we do our work and for me that means I offer services such as reflexology home treatments and on-line personal wellness coaching.

"The best way to prevent infection is to be informed, be prepared and act mindfully."

I have completed health and safety training for COVID-19 prevention provided by the World Health Organisation, to cover correct use of PPE, hand sanitising, cleaning and disinfecting and waste disposal for medical settings. I have attended many on-line seminars with professional bodies such as F.I.C.T.A., I.R.I.L. and A.N.M.P.T. to gather safe protocol suggestions for my therapy practice.

Reflexology treatments can be provided in your home following the following assessments by phone:

Assessments include:

  • awareness of COVID-19 safety practices and absence of the disease
  • suitability of your home for treatment
  • a health assessment to ensure that there are no contra-indications to treatment.

Booking procedures and payment methods:

  • Assessments and reflexology consultation are carried out by phone or video call
  • COVID-19 risk assessment requires consent to maintenance of contact tracing records for a period of 6 weeks from appointment date.
  • All forms to be signed on the day of treatment using your own pen.
  • Cashless payment means treatments are paid in full in advance by electronic means.

Infection Prevention Controls for your Home Treatment:

  • I will phone to announce my arrival at your home.
  • Where possible please open and close doors where I enter and exit to reduce touch points on surfaces.
  • We must all follow COVID-19 prevention practices i.e. use of hand sanitising gel, wearing of masks, observing social distancing of 2m where possible, avoid touching face and use etiquette for coughs or sneezes
  • I will take off my shoes and put on a fresh uniform over my clothes when I reach your doorway. My uniform consists of a long shirt and an extra pair of socks.
  • All items carried into your home will be cleaned and sanitised using disinfectant wipes and same performed after treatment also. My car will also be kept clean and surfaces regularly disinfected.
  • My hands will be sanitised before starting the treatment and at the end and if necessary during treatment.
  • With your permission, I may use your bathroom facilities, I have a container with disinfectant wipes, toilet roll and liquid soap and hand tissues and disposal bag for this purpose.
  • To help you relax more deeply, I will supply links for music suggestions for you to play on your own music device during your treatment, these suggestions will be provided prior to your appointment.
  • I will remove my uniform and put it in a laundry bag before exiting your home.
  • You may like to cover your bed and pillows with a sheet which can be laundered after the treatment and it is a good idea to ventilate your room by having a window open before, during and after treatment.
  • I will check in with you the next day to see how you are feeling after your treatment.

For additional comfort you will require the following:

  • A comfortable bed that has no obstruction at the foot
  • A space where you will be able to relax comfortably without disturbance
  • At least 4 pillows, one for under the feet and the others to prop you up a little
  • A warm throw and a sheet that can be laundered easily after treatment
  • A device for playing your preferred relaxation music.
  • Lots of tissues (just in case).

I provide a bespoke reflexology wellness service for clients in Carlow, Dublin and some parts of the south-east of Ireland. You can find out more about reflexology and treatment plans in our Frequently Asked Questions.