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Preparing for your Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology home treatments save you time and energy and you can benefit more by relaxing fully after your treatment. It is also ideal for families or for clients who are under-going medical treatment for illness such as cancer. The following guide gives you some tips for turning your space into a relaxing therapy zone.

Turning your Home into a Relaxing Therapy Zone:

  • Choose a time of day when you are unlikely to be disturbed during your treatment. If you share your home with others make sure they are aware of your plans. If you have pets ensure they can be cared for while you are having treatment.
  • Choose a part of your home that is warm and comfortable.
  • You will need either a comfortable reclining chair or some clients use a spare bed, one that has no board at end so feet can be accessed comfortably.
  • You will need to provide 4 pillows, one warm throw, 1 towel and a standard chair that fits at the end of your bed, to allow me to be seated comfortably there.
  • If you would like some soothing sounds to help you relax have your preferred music device nearby. I can help you with some suggestions for music during your consultation.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic I have had to adapt additional safety protocols to my home treatment service. This mean I reduce the amount of items I bring into your home and all my materials are sterilised before entering your home. Check my full list of COVID-19 safety protocols to familiarise yourself with our new procedures.

I provide a bespoke reflexology wellness service for clients in Carlow, Dublin and some parts of the south-east of Ireland. You can find out more about reflexology and treatment plans in our Frequently Asked Questions.