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Authentic Reflexology

Providing comfort and the reassurance of best safety practice is top priority in helping my clients to feel deeply relaxed, allowing for restoration of calm and the healing of mind and body.

Due to COVID-19 global pandemic, I am only providing Authentic Reflexology therapy in my clients’ homes, providing personalised treatment plans starting with a minimum of four treatments inclusive of initial consultations and continuous assessments and wellness care.

I have completed COVID-19 IPC Training provided by the World Health Organisation and have developed infection prevention protocols to ensure peace of mind so you can achieve the most benefit from having treatment in the comfort of your homeLOCATIONS.


Rathvilly, Carlow, Reflexology, Therapy Room How many reflexology treatments do I need?

What can reflexology do for you?

Reflexology has been shown to restore balance to mind and body and improves circulation. There are many additional benefits of this pressure-based therapy, such as improved sleep, reduced anxiety, pain relief, calm and clear mind, comfort during grieving process, support and balance during fertility treatment and relaxation and relief during pregnancy. Reflexology has also benefited my clients who are dealing with illness such as M.S., M.E. and cancer.

I work with mother and child, special needs clients. and I create well-being workshops for individuals and groups, all centering on self-care and empowerment. Due to COVID-19 all in-person workshops are suspended until further notice.

How reflexology has helped me:

I discovered reflexology twenty years ago when I was starting out on my Authentic Path a journey of recovery from anxiety, stress, bouts of depression and a lot of physical (menstrual) pain. I left a teaching career of Maths and Science and resolved to develop my creative talents of singing, writing and painting. This was my moment of Break True the start of my  transformation to living more mindfully, leading to very real improvements in my health and well-being, including the elimination of pain and depression and resolution of issues which had given rise to anxiety.

Reflexology helped me to maintain calm during periods of transition in career and study and gave me more clarity of mind for making big life decisions. Eventually, I decided to study and practice reflexology so as to support others who want to improve their well-being and life experience, despite illness and challenge. I have written a book to encourage people with anxiety to move beyond that life-limiting experience – Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free self.

Additional benefits of Authentic Reflexology Therapy:

I am also a qualified reiki master. While I acknowledge the energetic aspects of healing in my therapy, I have chosen to be a specialist in reflexology therapy. I am a member of Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd., (I.R.I.L.) which means I am bound by professional standards and continuous development in reflexology. It also means my clients are able to recover some (or all) costs of treatment provided by their health insurers.

What my clients say about reflexology:

‘I have been feeling really good since my reflexology treatment, more energised and motivated. My tummy seems to have settled and I have fewer headaches’ – S.Lynch, Dublin, Ireland.

‘I brought my two little boys to Caroline and she was fantastic with them and with me. Caroline showed me how to do some home treatment with my boys and it has helped a lot as they sleep better and their tummies have settled.’ – A.O’Shea, Carlow, Ireland

‘The reflexology treatments were helpful both physically and emotionally. Caroline is an experienced therapist with a friendly attitude and good advice, I highly recommend her as a therapist.’ – Hazel, Dublin, Ireland.


Caroline Cunningham Authentic Reflexology
Caroline Cunningham Authentic Reflexology

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of a variety of pressure techniques to specific points on the feet (known as reflexes) in order to release tension, improve circulation and to promote balance in body systems. These reflex points have been shown to correspond to organs and systems of the body. Reflexology is a holistic therapy which means that all aspects of the clients lifesyle, physical and emotional well-being are taken into consideration.

There is evidence to suggest that the practice of pressure therapy, applied to the feet, has its roots in ancient cultures of Eypyt and China and of the Native American Indians. The term reflexology came more fully into use as a result of the work of Eunice Ingham in the early part of the twentieth century. Eunice Ingham developed the first foot charts, identifying reflexes on the feet that corresponded to body organs and systems. Her studies were a continuation of Dr. William Fitzgeralds findings with regards to zone therapy.

Authentic Reflexology Therapist

Caroline Cunningham is wellbeing coach & therapist with 20+years experience in the practice of self-care.

Caroline left a science teaching career in 1999 following burn-out from stress and anxiety. This was the start of her authentic path, a journey of transformation.

Choose from Caroline’s wellbeing books or colourful artwork or benefit from a deeply relaxing reflexology treatment or coaching sessions.

Caroline is passionate about inspiring her clients on their paths to greater wellbeing and authenticity.