Authentic Reflexology therapist Caroline Cunningham provides reflexology therapy and mini-workshops for individuals in two locations in Ireland as follows:

  • Dublin 2 (Aungier St) on Wednesdays between 12.30p.m. and 4p.m. subject to availability and advance booking (booking deposit required)
  • Carlow (Rathvilly) Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8a.m and 8pm

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Reflexology Home Treatment locations:


Well-being Workshops:


Languages Spoken:   English (Fluent), Basic Understanding and Speaking of Portuguese, French & Spanish


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Authentic Reflexology
Authentic Reflexology Treament Options



Reflexology treatments and mini-workshop fees vary due to different rental fees in different locations. Some locations may require advance booking deposit, this can be faciliated by payment via PayPal (requires credit card) with the balance of payment paid in cash on day of treatment. For exact details of cost get in touch and let us know your preferred location for treatment – Make Enquiry


Health Insurance: Caroline Cunningham is a registered member of Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (I.R.I.L.). This means her clients who have health insurance cover for reflexology treatments can claim back some or all costs of treatment, depending on their health policy.




Testimonials for Authentic Reflexology:

“‘I have been feeling really good since my reflexology treatment with Caroline, more energised and motivated. My tummy seems to have settled and I have fewer headaches.’ S.Lynch Dublin, Ireland  – SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS