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Top Three Most Popular Limited Editions

I have noticed that some of my art pieces instantly resonate with an art buyer, whilst other choices are made after moments of consideration. I love when both of these situations happen as it takes confidence to make these choices independently of the opinions of others. It can be useful however to have some guidelines […]

Dreaming Doors - A Nordic Collaboration

As soon as I published my first book, The Whisperings of Nature, it was snapped up by the talented Maria Lehtman in Finland. Maria had spotted my book news on Twitter. We had not been connected before that moment which lead to the beginning of our collaboration. I didn’t know it at the time but […]

Lifestyle Gifts with a touch of Cunningham Creativity

Shopping on-line is versatile and easy at my Fine Art America gallery shop. You can browse and make your purchase in the comfort of your own home or while enjoying your coffee break in your favourite cafe. If there's a birthday gift you need or special celebration on the horizon, a creative gift is a […]

Return of the Sacred Trees - VIDEO TOUR

Theres just no imaginable excuse for missing out on my last tour of The Sacred Lives of Trees collection at Art Bank. Because I made THIS VIDEO especially for you to enjoy (: I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of my exhibition show-casing the collection The Sacred Lives of Trees. Did you see something […]

Darker Days and The In Between - Art

Daylight dwindles in the Northern Hemisphere at the approach of winter. It is especially noticeable as our planet revolves from November to December. It’s a time of year that gives some people cause for despair as we plunge into darkness and the cold damp air that is a hallmark of Irish winter weather. I love […]

Art Gifts & Books for Christmas & All occasions

Especially for the person who buys the most thoughtful gifts for others for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. And for the person who likes to surround themselves with colour and comforting nature inspiration. My artwork and books allow you choice and variety of unique, creative gift ideas for all occasions. You can spend […]

The Bankers Office - Exhibition

Since my art work is inspired by the simplicity and authenticity of nature, it is fitting that my work should be displayed in a kindred nurturing environment. In November 2017 I will be hosting solo show for two weeks in the Bankers Office at Art Bank in Bunclody, Co. Wexford. I will be show-casing my […]

The Men in the Tree

‘Who are in the men in tree?’ I was asked this question by two of my friends at the end of a busy exhibition opening night at Carlow Library. I was puzzled. They brought me over to the painting to which they were referring, it was ‘Treedom Series 3'! The beech tree that anchors the […]

The New Sacred Lives of Trees - Paintings

to coincide with my rebrand launch during that same year. to draw attention to the contribution of trees for wellness and healing. The second reason is the most important one. In life, just like trees, we encounter storms that give rise to twisting, scarring and deprivation of nurture, yet given time and more favourable circumstances […]

Autumn Leaves & Dreams - Carlow Creative Event

The Shaw Room at Carlow County Library has been my incubation centre for many of creative ventures. Autumn Leaves and Dreams is a series of events I’m hosting during in the autumn. It coincides with the annual celebration of our Irish language, a festival known as Glor Cheatharlach and our Mental Health Awareness month. You will […]

Art Bank Antics & Exhibition

So what did we get up to on opening night? Well the dodgey policeman sure had everyone talking!  (; My art is an expression of stories that awaken dreams and keep them alive. I love vibrant colours and the freedom of allowing imagination to seep through reality. I invite you to explore my artwork in […]

Fine Framers Art Exhibition Summer 2017

Have you been to Fine Framers Carlow this summer? Currently my artwork is on display there. It was really awesome to be one of the first local artists to be invited to exhibit as part of a new initiative at their stunning store at the business park, on the Wexford Road out of Carlow town. […]