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Lennons Carlow Art Exhibition March 2019

Lennon's Carlow are exhibiting my art work in their cafe restaurant, next door to Carlow's Visual Gallery, during the month of March 2019. You are invited to visit the restaurant to view my colourful display of tree paintings from the collection ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’ Many of my sacred tree paintings have already found […]

Visual Gallery Carlow for Books

The Visual Gallery in Carlow has a book shop. Did you know that? My own books are there too, amongst a fine selection of books on topics of art, local history, culture. Look out for Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self (Well-being) and The Whisperings of Nature (poetry). "An extremely helpful book […]

The Feng Shui of Ganga Dreaming Art

"As Seomra Sona was to be my haven, I wanted to buy something really special for it. I knew straight away what that something special was going to be!" Gloria Mc Breen, We are Holistic I had been admiring Caroline Cunningham’s art for a while. I fell in love with her collection ‘The Scared Life […]

Authentic Hand - Hands in Art & Healing

I’m blessed with two hands. They assist me in so many things but most importantly they assist me in my work as a healing therapist and an artist.  During my studies in both of these realms I began to focus on my hands to consider their ingenuous make up and powerful assistance. "Now I had […]

Summer Art Exhibition Carlow Town

Artists in Carlow are keeping the dream alive with a summer art exhibition right in the heart of the town. Every Saturday in July 2018, Carlovians and tourists will have the opportunity to view and purchase artwork produced by local artists. Thanks to artist Elwira Bernaciak for volunteering to curate and organise this show on […]

The Grounding Effect of Trees for Wellbeing

Giving voice to the fact that trees nuture our wellbeing, this is the reason I created the painting collection: ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’  "Trees are an important contributor to our well-being, this factor is much deeper than some may realise." Caroline Cunningham, Artist "More people are recognising the grounding effect of trees as a […]

Why your Corporate Environment needs Nature Art

I imagine not only the things that I create; I also imagine the places where they could bring most joy and inspiration. Imagine for example the provision of vibrant nature art for the corporate environment. How best to influence the well-being of a task-force of employees? Human being’s who give their valuable time, skills and […]

The Birth of Treedom

Inspired by the powerful essence of an elderly beech tree residing in the garden of my parental home, graced by the backdrop of a majestic mountain, all gave rise to the birth of ‘Treedom’. Before I even got the idea to paint my collection of ‘The Sacred Lives of Tree’s’, at least two years previously […]

Art Buildings - World Favourites

Have your travels been inspired by architecture and the story's behind beautiful buildings? What are your favourite buildings in the world? Here are some of my favourites which I have had the fortune to visit. In my 20’s I obtained a work-travel visa for Australia and Sydney was my first port of call. Sydney Opera […]

Who's your favourite artist?

Who’s your favourite artist? I asked a friend this question once and he promptly answered ‘YOU’! I loved his swift response I have to admit. But seriously, who is your favourite artist? There are many I have yet to discover but I can give you an insight into a few of the artists who made […]

Art Travel Inspiration

Has art inspired you to travel? Where would you recommend others to visit to see the best visual art displays? The following art travel inspiration informed my creative education (during adulthood) as I sought to discover my 'Authentic Path' When in Italy, a visit to the Sistine Chapel is a must. Michael Angelo might have […]

Shaws Nationwide Artist in Carlow

Thanks to Shaw’s department store in Carlow for their kind invitation to exhibit my art work once again in their window on Tullow Street, during the Carlow Arts Festival 2018. The pieces on display will be mostly from my art collection entitled ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’ which many are familiar with from my exhibits […]