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Your First Reflexology Treatment

Be completely at ease during your first reflexology treatment by knowing what to expect. I always set aside time for my client's questions about reflexology when they tell me it's their first time to receive the therapy.

At Authentic Reflexology I provide a personalised wellness service as part of your treatment plan to help you get longer term benefits from your treatments.

The three main parts of this pressure-based therapy are as follows:

  • Health consultation
  • Foot examination
  • Treatment of reflexes on the feet

What happens during consultation?

  • During consultation you will be asked about your current and past health and lifestyle. If you have an existing health condition you may be advised to seek your doctor’s approval before starting treatment. You can find details of conditions that require doctor’s approval here
  • The consultation helps me to establish your well-being goals and create a personalised treatment plan for you.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I’ve had to adapt some procedures to provide additional safety measures. Consultations take place only by phone or video call, after which an appointment will be set to provide reflexology treatment in your home.

What happens during foot examination?

The beauty of reflexology is that you are only required to remove you shoes and socks to receive the treatment on your feet.

  • The condition and structure of your feet and toenails can tell a story about your health and state of wellbeing.
  • Foot charts are used to record observations made during the foot examination and subsequent treatments and can be used to monitor your progress and response to reflexology therapy.
  • For health and safety reasons it is best to have toe nails free of nail varnish to ensure there is no risk of fungal infection.

What happens during the application of reflexology on the feet?

  • Your feet are gently massaged before applying pressure to the reflexes.
  • The pressure can be firm or gentle and it may be varied throughout the treatment.
  • Reflexes are parts of your feet that correspond to organs and systems of your body.
  • I always check with my clients as to how they experience pressure. My goal is to help you relax. If I encounter tender reflexes on your feet, I treat them in a manner that allows you to continue to enjoy the treatment and let go of tension

"Reflexology brings balance to mind and body by relieving tension, restoring calm along with many additional benefits."

Other good things to know about your reflexology treatment:

  • I can apply reflexology on your hands if it's not suitable on the feet e.g. if you have a cut or a bruise on your foot.
  • One hour is usually allowed for all parts of your first and subsequent treatments and each part is vital for your overall treatment plan. In addition I help you by providing strategies and resources for getting longer term benefits from your treatment.
  • Many clients relax more deeply during their second treatment having been put at ease in their first session.
  • I provide personalised treatment plans to help you with your specific needs. See all options via the links: Restoring Balance, Upping your Game, Fertility, Pregnancy, Relief during Illness, Special Needs/Family
  • If you have additional questions about reflexology see my list of Frequently Asked Questions.

In addition my reflexology clients can benefit from the following:

  • I often guide my clients in a short meditation to help them to get more deeply relaxed so as to benefit more fully from their treatment.
  • Clients benefit from my 20+ years experience of self-care practice, my specialist knowledge base and wellbeing coaching skills to help with stress management and wellness maintenance.
  • I am the author of Seven C's to Calm - Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self and Authentic Path Inspiration coach. I am here to empower my clients on their journey towards wellbeing and authenticity.
  • I am a member of Irish Reflexologists' Institute Ltd. This means I am bound by a code of practice and maintain my continuous professional development. It also means my therapy is recognised by health insurers so my clients can recover some of the costs of treatment depending on their health insurance plan.

I provide a bespoke reflexology wellness service for clients in Carlow, Dublin and some parts of the south-east of Ireland