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Reflexology Therapy & Its Many Benefits

When I discovered the benefits of reflexology in my own life I was hooked and wanted to find out more. Studies show that reflexology has many therapeutic effects and just as with the exploration of our solar system, there is more to be discovered. If you are new to reflexology let me share some of what is known.

Reflexology is a pressure-based therapy, most popularly applied to the feet. During treatment the therapist uses their hands to apply pressure techniques to parts of the feet known as reflexes. These reflexes correspond to organs and systems within your body. Reflexology is a holistic therapy which means your lifestyle, including your physical and emotional wellbeing are considered when providing treatment.

"Reflexology is shown to relieve tension, improve circulation and restore balance to mind and body."

The Wider Benefits of Reflexology

My clients use reflexology to manage stress while working towards important goals which can be personal or career related or both. Clients report benefits such as improved sleep, having more energy, more focus and calm.

Along with helping you perform at your best, reflexology provides balance during a couple’s fertility journey and provides relief from some of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy.

Many clients use reflexology to support their journey through illnesses such as cancer & M.S. Reflexology is beneficial for people of all ages and all abilities.

I also provide personalised reflexology workshops for parent and child and for couples during their fertility journey, enabling families to benefit more from simple strategies and techniques.

Reflexology as a Complementary Therapy

Reflexology is not a replacement for medical treatment and (as per professional regulations in Ireland) it is not a diagnostic therapy. However, it is an excellent complementary therapy which many people use to help them to attain their health and wellness goals.

What do the letters I.R.I.L stand for?

I.R.I.L. is a recognised professional association of reflexologists in Ireland. It is known as the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd., (I.R.I.L.). The I.R.I.L. sets the professional standards for reflexologist’s in Ireland and represents the therapy and its members at national level to ensure compliance with health regulations. As a member of I.R.I.L. I am bound by their standards and continuous professional development in reflexology. It also means my clients are able to recover some (or all) costs of treatment provided by their health insurers.

For more information about the services provided by Authentic Reflexology check our frequently asked questions.