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Relating to Mentoring Services provided by Caroline Cunningham

Authentic Path Mentor Programme:

Authentic Path Mentor sessions provided by Caroline Cunningham are intended for professionals and business owners who are curious about making significant changes to enhance their work or personal lives.

The mentor sessions offer clients the space and opportunity to reflect and learn from Caroline’s unique store of skills, knowledge and experience which they can then use to form their own decisions on the path to living with more purpose and authenticity. While clients are provided with plenty of resources, food for thought and examples, ultimately clients must take responsibility for their own decisions. In other words the sessions are not prescriptive and outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

Authentic Path Mentoring is useful for (but not limited to) the following:

  • Exploring and identifying your sense of purpose and passion.
  • Exploring ideas for a new business and the path to becoming self-employed for the first time or even exploring how to evolve with your business.
  • Exploring ways to develop true confidence so as to communicate with clarity and authenticity.
  • Exploring the options for creating a better work-life balance.
  • Exploring paths that lead to career progression or career transition
  • Identifying obstacles and ways to maintain resilience in the longer term to allow you to adapt when circumstances change beyond your control.

The Authentic Path Mentor Programme consists of:

Suitability Call: This call will help to determine if this programme is the right fit for you at this time.

Consultation: Once we agree to proceed you will receive request for payment and once processed I will send you the link to the mentor programme consultation form. You will be asked to provide details pertaining to the areas you wish to explore, your expectations from the sessions and some additional details that help me to understand how to help you best. Once you have submitted the consultation form we set up a 30 minute call to review the details you’ve provided and to create a schedule for the mentor session or programme.

Mentoring Sessions: Each mentor session is 60 minutes. The programme provides three mentoring sessions spread out over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. This provides a level of flexibility within your schedule and also allows time for you to reflect on and explore new ideas and resources. Every mentor session is unique to each client, their situation and their openness to new pathways.

Email Updates & Resources: Following every mentor session (within 24 hours) you will receive an email providing you with the key points of your session along with a set of resources that are relevant to the topics explored in the session. Resources are personalised to your requirement and may include (but are not limited to) workbooks, e-books, links to relevant videos, podcasts, apps, articles and books. 

The Purpose of the Consultation Form:

In order to ensure best practice and to deliver the best service for your mentoring programme it’s necessary to know essential details about you including your goals and expectations. You cannot be successfully assisted without this information.

Ensuring your Privacy:

The details you provide on the consultation form and during coaching sessions are treated with strictest privacy. Caroline Cunningham is the only person who will have access to those details and they will be stored in encrypted files within password protected drives and devices according to our Privacy Statement.

In addition, recording of coaching sessions is not permitted by either the client or Caroline Cunningham or any other party.

Method of Delivery of the Coaching Programme:

  • Mentor sessions are delivered by Zoom video call. You will need to have the programme installed on your computer prior to the start of the coaching programme.
  • For best user experience I recommend the use of headphones that have a built in microphone. You should test their working order prior to your first coaching session.
  • For your comfort and privacy, choose to schedule your calls when you will have access to a location that ensures you will have privacy and no interruptions.
  • Updates and follow-up resources will be sent to your designated email address.

My Capacity as your Personal Coach:

Mentoring and coaching are slightly different. With coaching the focus is more in the area of setting and achieving goals. Mentoring offers you a time to reflect, to explore ways to make transformative changes for a better life experience.

My clients have the benefit of learning from my own transformative journey which included career change after burn out, and ultimately developing a sense of purpose and the confidence to start my own business, emerging as an artist, author and wellness coach.

I have a background in science and education and have worked in both public and private sectors. One of the most unique aspects of my studies has been a study of the art of singing, through which I developed vocal freedom, a study that has been at the heart of my path to authenticity and passion for life.

The discoveries I made helped me to transform my life and have given me the knowledge, capacity and desire to help others like you to do the same.

If there are areas beyond my scope of expertise I may advise you to seek additional support such as the advice of a business coach or marketing professional.

You can learn more about my educational background and professional and life experience by visiting My Journey.

Will I be expected to complete any activities or tasks?

Depending on the expectations you set out in your consultation you may be provided with workbooks and resources e.g. to help you to identify your purpose or to find clarity. As this is not a coaching programme you are free to do as you wish with the information you are provided with. However, for the most benefits your engagement and input will be required.

What are the payment terms for the personal coaching programme?

Payment Method: Online payment by card via my website or by bank transfer

Instalments: Your investment for the mentor programme consisting of consultation and three online mentor sessions and resources is valued at €550. This can be paid in full or by instalments prior to each session in the following order: €250, €125, €125

Clients who complete the Mentor Programme (three sessions) can avail of add-on mentor sessions at a reduced fee of €95 which includes a one hour mentor session (by video call) and follow-up resources. This opportunity is available with the condition that the sessions relate to the goals identified in the original consultation and are availed of within 8 weeks of the last mentor session of the original programme (i.e. following the third session).

Refunds and Cancellations:

  • The first payment is non-refundable once you proceed with the first mentor session and similarly payment is non-refundable after subsequent sessions.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel a coaching session, you must give a minimum of 12 hours of notice in advance of the session. There is no charge for this cancellation once the sessions are taking place within the agreed timeframe, usually 6 to 8 weeks from the date of your first coaching session.
  • Mentor sessions are non-refundable if no notice of cancellation has been given prior to any session in any time frame.
  • I will work with you to re-schedule your session at a more suitable time. If you have not completed your programme within 8 weeks it may not be possible to guarantee the completion of outstanding sessions.
  • Cancellations made in relation to coaching sessions that extend past the 8 week coaching period, with less than 12 hours cancellation notice provided, will incur a non-refundable amount of 50% of that session’s fee.
  • You will be given instructions prior to the start of your programme as to the best method of communication for making cancellations.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

I want you to have the best user experience of my mentoring service and this is why the suitability call is essential. If you’re unsatisfied with any part of the mentor programme you must raise it as soon as possible so we can have the opportunity to find a resolution.

Use of Personal Coaching Services Provided by Caroline Cunningham


Caroline Cunningham provides mentoring and resources that have been useful in her own life and in lives of previous clients. Clients only benefit through being open to new ideas and change and according to the information they choose to share at the outset and throughout the programme.

The resources provided are not prescriptive. Caroline Cunningham cannot accept any legal responsibility for any injury or loss (including financial loss) sustained whilst following any of the suggestions provided as a result of taking part in her mentoring services, whether during the mentor programme period or after its completion.

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In the event of unusual circumstances such as a global crisis affecting the delivery of services every effort will be made to resume the service at a later time if possible.

Caroline Cunningham does not grant permission for mentoring sessions to be recorded and or shared with others. These sessions for the sole benefit of the individual client for whom the sessions are designed and intended.


All content created and provided to you by Caroline Cunningham during the Authentic Path Mentoring Programme is subject to copyright by Caroline Cunningham. This applies to material in all formats including written, video, audio files, images and graphics.