Tips for a Stress-free Christmas 2020

Tips for keeping stress at bay this Christmas 2020. How to get through the darkest days in a year of pandemic. read more

I was struggling & stuck in a rut until I did this

I was really struggling and stuck in a rut and had no idea how to get myself out of it. The coaching sessions came at just the right time for me when I needed it the most. Authentic Path Wellness Coaching via Zoom. (GMT) read more

Authentic Reflexology Client Testimonials

Katie Dunne, Tullow, Co. Carlow – Calming & Super Knowledgeable My reflexology treatment was very relaxing and calming. Caroline’s observations encouraged me to make small changes in my day to day living. Caroline is very friendly and super knowledgeable. I highly recommend her wellbeing services. read more

Reflexology Home Treatment + Adapting to COVID-19

Make a booking for tension relieving reflexology treatment in your home. Caroline Cunningham provides treatment in Carlow and Dublin. read more

Relieve tension, stress & anxiety in the comfort of your home

Relieve tension, stress and anxiety with soothing reflexology in the comfort of your home. read more

Novel Coronavirus – Resources for preventing spread of this highly infectious disease

This article was first published Feb 24th 2020 in response to lack of meaningful instruction to the public from the Irish Health Service with regards to preventing the spread of novel Coronavirus. As cases of the virus started to rise in mainland Europe and people were returning read more

Check List for Preventing Cold & Flu Infections & Avoiding Epidemics

I get less colds and flu’s than I did in the past, not because of luck of the draw but because of the committment I made to self-care and mindful living. I share valuable insights here so you can achieve greater wellbeing and have more time to enjoy read more

Stressed, Emotional, Sleepless and Anxious

Another sleepless night and the alarm-clock signalling time to get ready for work. Stella (not her real name) struggled to move. She loved her marketing job and the fact that it allowed her to travel, but life had become increasingly complicated lately and she was starting to feel anxious and read more

Reaching my goal weight was great but maintaining it was more important – My Story of Weight-Loss

Contained in this article to help you with your wellbeing, is one affiliate link for a nutrient tracker resource which may offer me a small reward for its promotion. I often asked about the secret to my successful weight-loss. People tell me they have tried many read more

Reflexology Pamper Party Celebration

Reflexology Pamper Party anyone? Organising a reflexology pamper party in the comfort of your own home can be a wonderful way to celebrate a special reunion of family members or friends or even as part of a special event such as your wedding day, anniversary or birthday. I have had read more

Reflexology Home Treatment for Comfort

Reflexology home treatment allows you to experience personalised therapy in the comfort of your own home. Home treatments not only allow for convenience but can be essential in situations where travel by the client is not conducive to their health and well-being. Some circumstances where reflexology home treatment has been read more

Transformation – What’s that?

Have you noticed how the word ‘transformation’ gets used a lot nowadays, especially by holistic entrepreneurs? What is transformation and how can we make it happen? From my experience of transformation, it doesn’t happen overnight and it rarely happens without the support of a knowledgeable mentor, guide or therapist and read more

Authentic Hand – Hands in Art & Healing

I’m blessed with two hands. They assist me in so many things but most importantly they assist me in my work as a healing therapist and an artist.  During my studies in both of these realms I began to focus on my hands to consider their ingenuous make up and read more

Finalist in Ireland Blog Awards

Great news! My article ‘Autism – Reflexology Offers Calm’ is a finalist in Ireland Blog Awards 2018 and is listed in the category Best Business Blog Post!   Finalist – Best Blog Post – Business Category   I appreciate getting to the Finalist stage of the Blog Awards competition very read more

Three times Short-Listed Blogger in 2018!

The Ireland Blog Awards are underway once more and the 2018 short-list has just been announced! I’m excited to announce I am three times short-listed blogger!!! It’s a fantastic result and who  knows maybe I will (once again) reach the final list! The categories in which I am a short-listed read more

Being human in an age of A.I.

‘When I grow up I want to be HUMAN!’ Imagine this as the life path your child or teen would consciously consider in a rapidly developing age of artificial intelligence (A.I.). Let’s explore what is means to be human in an age of A.I. In his ‘Space Odyssey’ books (written read more

Reflexology is not supposed to be painful!

Reflexology is not supposed to be painful! . During my time as a specialist in reflexology therapy and as someone who has demonstrated my therapy at national and local events and on TV and radio, I have from time to time heard stories of people who had a negative experience read more

Reflexology not the same as Foot Massage

Reflexology is not the same as foot massage! . We are not talking ‘Pulp Ficton’ here folks! You might remember those classic lines from that popular movie where John Travolta’s character discussed the prospects of providing an ‘innocent’ foot massage for his bosses wife. Massage in the right setting and read more

Authentic Reflexology in Carvoeiro Algarve

Authentic Reflexology in Carvoeiro! As a result of my Algarve Network Tour in April 2018, I created the opportunity to return to my favourite place in the Algarve (and all of Europe) to provide my creative and wellbeing services during the summer of 2018. I am thrilled to announce read more

The Grounding Effect of Trees for Wellbeing

Giving voice to the fact that trees nuture our wellbeing, this is the reason I created the painting collection: ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’  A walk in the forest not only stretches our muscles or gives us an excuse to be in fresh air, we may also get a wonderful read more

Why your Corporate Environment needs Nature Art

I imagine not only the things that I create; I also imagine the places where they could bring most joy and inspiration. Imagine for example the provision of vibrant nature art for the corporate environment. How best to influence the well-being of a task-force of employees? Human being’s who give read more

Best Beach Worst Blogger? Opps!

Travel bloggers are supposed to tell you about the best places to visit right? Well, the truth is out! I have been visiting the best beach in Europe since 2016 and I decided to keep it a secret! All to myself! Only my closest friends and family knew. And now read more

The Algarve Village Travel Adventures

Introducing ‘The Algarve Village (Where I’m From) – facebook page dedicated to highlighting my latest travel adventures, alongside supporting local businesses (PR) and providing insights into alternative lifestyles (living and working in a new country). . I am an Irish blogger who loves travel but who also likes to feel read more

Be the first to receive my news and offers!

Inspiring your Authentic Path is my purpose and as many know already, I do this by providing services such as reflexology therapy, coaching (life/business/pr) and providing products such as artwork and books on themes of nature, travel and well-being. Email newsletters are a way for me to communicate the ways read more

Authentic Reflexology in the Algarve 2018

Imagine a relaxing and therapeutic treatment with Authentic Reflexology in the Algarve? Now is it possible and not just for people who need reflexology,  clients can avail of Authentic Path Inspiration sessions. Your therapist and mentor (Caroline Cunningham) is moving to Portugal’s sunny Algarve for the summer months of read more

Authentic Path Inspiration – Reflexology & Coaching

Having an Authentic Path Coach on board could be just the kick start you need to get going with a new career, new personal goals, new business or a new you! The right path is constantly being revealed to us once we make a decision to start to seek read more

Autism – Reflexology Offers Calm

Communication with the client is an important feature of reflexology therapy. It starts with the consultation and continues with regular check-ins as to how the client may be experiencing the therapy and what benefits they feel they have received. But what if a client cannot verbally communicate with the read more

Reflexology Treatments How Many do I Need?

A commonly asked question by my clients is ‘how many reflexology treatments do I need?’ There are a number of factors that determine the answer to this question. Reflexology is a complimentary health therapy designed to re-balance and maintain your health and well-being. I provide personalised treatment plans for clients read more

Therapy Room Make-Over – Carlow Reflexology

Caroline Cunningham is a reflexology specialist providing treatments in Carlow, Dublin and areas such as Bunclody, Castledermot and Baltinglass. read more

Reflexology Balance for Fertility

Conceiving and giving birth to a baby is dream for many couples but for a variety of reasons the path to conception can require the support, guideance and expertise of medical & holistic professionals. The impact of anxiety, stress and pressure of fast-paced lives can make it difficult for mind read more

Reflexology Specialist – My Number One Therapy

Offering care, support and encouragement are at the heart of my work as a reflexology therapist, but in truth, I offer much more because I am a reflexology specialist. What I mean by that is, reflexology is my number one therapy. I am not a massage therapist, ear-candler or quantum read more

Your first Reflexology Treatment

I always set aside time for my client’s questions about reflexology when they tell me it’s their first treatment. There are three parts to this pressure-based therapy which is applied more commonly to the feet. read more

Reflexology covered by Health Insurance!

Many people with health insurance are not aware that they have cover for reflexology therapy and that they are missing out on this valuable health and wellbeing benefit. The fact Irish Health Insurers cover reflexology, in my view, adds to the credibility of the effectiveness of the therapy. read more

Join us in Wexford Hour – February 6th 2018

Thanks to Wexford Hour (aka @WexfordHour on Twitter) for the wonderful prize of sponsorship. I am a regular networker in general and particularly like the support I receive in twitter groups such as #WexfordHour and others. All are welcome to join in the conversation amongst like-minded entrepreneurs who are read more

Behind the Scenes on Nationwide (RTE TV)

I got the call on a Tuesday. In fact I got a number of calls that day, but since I was busy show-casing reflexology at a network event I missed all of them! It was much later that I listened back to the messages from at least three different numbers read more

The Tension of Anxiety – Seven Cs to Calm

Consider for a moment that you are holding the delicate stem of a flowering plant between your thumb and index finger. What will happen as you apply pressure to the stem, squeezing it slowly between your fingers? As you apply more pressure (tension), you will notice the crushing of the read more

This is Anxiety – Seek Support Today

The business network event was soon to start as Karen entered the busy conference room. I heard her say hello to a one or two people behind me, who were obviously familiar to her. She politely excused herself as she passed through the row of seats and sat next to read more

Top 3 reasons to choose Authentic Reflexology

Searching for the right therapy and therapist takes time. I’d like to help you make the best choice for you. Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points of the feet in order to relieve tension, improve circulation and bring balance to body and mind. The pressure can be read more

What My Readers Say about Seven C’s to Calm

‘Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self’ is a simple guide which has been created to guide you on your journey towards a calmer and more capable version of yourself. Anxiety (including panic attacks) can have such a negative impact in our lives and can prevent us from reaching read more

Steady yourself with Reflexology – Balance Therapy

Long before I trained in reflexology, I became aware of the balancing effects of this natural therapy. I was lucky to find a very astute therapist who provided a secure, serene space. Here I could succumb to the effects of varying pressure on reflex points on my feet, which melted read more

Seven C’s to Calm on BookLine Radio

Thank you to Teresa Quinn of Book Line on Liffey Sound 96.4 FM for having me on air for a live interview about my latest book ‘Seven C’s to Calm-Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self’ Click to Listen Back to Interview Many people suffer silently with anxiety, whicch can result in limiting read more

Seven C’s to Calm – Book – Self Care in Anxiety

Many of us are struggling on a daily basis (often in silence) with the torment and discomfort of anxiety. Anxiety robs us of our energy and joy. I know because I am someone who has been affected by anxiety in the past. I have even experienced panic attacks which were read more

FREE eBook – Leave Anxiety behind – Prepare for Calm

Anxiety robs us of calm and limits the potential of who we truly can be. Author and therapist Caroline Cunningham presents you with her FREE eBook ‘Preparing for Calm – The Seven C’s Plan’. Here you will find support and encouragement for reclaiming your anxiety-free or authentic self. Caroline provides read more

Nerve Reflexology for Pain Relief

Reflexology or ‘zone pressure’ therapy (as developed and applied by Dr. William Fitzgerald in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s), was used to affect local anaesthetic while Dr. Fitzgerald performed minor surgery for his patients. This is quite significant to note and while perhaps not the most common use of read more

World Reflexology Week 2017

World Reflexology Week celebrates the continued advancement and recognition of reflexology as an effective holistic therapy globally. Reflexology therapists and associations around our planet will be hosting free workshops and assisting at charity events in order to raise the awareness of our therapy. Reflexology as we know it in modern read more

Calling out Anxiety for what it is!

If you suffer from anxiety it is quite likely that along with the discomfort of the anxiety itself, you have also been working hard to keep your angst top secret. In this hectic competitive world of ours, we do all we can to keep the bright side out, look our read more

Book Reviews for The Whisperings of Nature

It’s a simple book of poetry inspired by Nature and already it has received  reviews from fellow bloggers Krystal Long (Krystals Journal) and Gloria Mc Breen (We Are Holistic). I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting these two inspirational women in person but having found each other through read more

Enterprise Village Carlow – May 2017

Carlow’s Enterprise Village took place on Sunday May 28th 2017 at Carlow Woodford Dolmen Hotel sponsored by Bank of Ireland. This was an opportunity to showcase my art prints and recently launched poetry book and my reflexology therapy. Prizes were offered for those who entered my competition on the day! read more

The Moment of Break True

The year was 1999, my moment of Break True had arrived. The signs should have been obvious, but I simply hadn’t a clue about mindfulness or  self-care back then. Mental health was still a taboo topic. I was burning out fast in my teaching career. I was over-working, trying to read more

5 Steps To Becoming A Robot – Is this happening to you?

Imagine a mechanical society with no thinking or feeling, everyone rushing about on automatic pilot, elbowing out of the way anything that appears on the horizon that doesn’t match in with this preferred mode of existence. Would you be happy with this? Do you think it is already happening on read more

Hanne Marquardt Reflexotherapy

What is Reflexotherapy of the feet and who is Hanne Marquardt? Thanks to my studies of the history of reflexology, I already knew that Hanne Marquardt has played a key role in it’s research and development. In the summer of 2014, I enroled in a workshop to discover more about read more

40 Case Studies

Before I became a qualified reflexology therapist, I was a fan. It was my treatment of choice for specific purposes. In a metaphorical sense, our feet are instrumental in moving us forward, I was committed to moving forward in a healthier way. During my training as a therapist, I was read more

Authentic In Peru

Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley, Peru We owe much to our ancestors, especially the traditions that have survived and evolved into artful healing therapies. People of the ancient cultures practiced healing therapies, accumulating knowledge based on observation, practice and wisdom passed through generations. Seeking a stronger connection to this past, I have read more