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Seven C's to Calm - Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self (Book)

Start your journey towards calm

Includes a workbook

Anxiety (including panic attacks) have a negative impact on many lives, preventing people from reaching their true potential. Even people who appear out-wardly confident, have admitted to experiencing debilitating discomforts of anxiety and its tensions.

This book contains practical suggestions for dealing with anxiety based on the authors own experience and successful recovery and her subsequent work with clients who were experiencing anxiety.

Suitable for people who want freedom from the limiting aspects of anxiety. Seven C's to Calm is an excellent starting point for that journey and can be used to complement additional supportive measures.

About Seven C's to Calm:

A structured and practical approach to reducing anxiety and reclaiming your inner calm so you can live life more fully
Work-book included to help you to work through the suggestions and record progress
Simple design to avoid over-whelm which can trigger the anxiety response
Conveniently fits in your day bag, allowing it to serve as an anchor when needed most.
Off-white pages make for easier reading
Soft matt cover has a comforting feel.
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Preparation for your journey towards a calmer and more capable you.

It is never too late to make a start on your road to recovery. The practice of learning and adapting is simply required. Be assured, a place of calm exists within you, it's just a matter of finding your way.

Here's to your success in reclaiming your anxiety-free self.

Reclaim My Anxiety-free Self
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  • Maria Lehtman
    I warmly recommend ordering and reading Caroline Cunningham’s books. The Whisperings of Nature is filled with profoundly beautiful poetry & Seven C’s to Calm a great mindfulness companion.
  • Krystal Long
    I'm so proud of this lady and all she has accomplished to date so far. It really is an honour to have my short review printed on the back of her publications. Look out world, Caroline Cunningham is about to take over!
  • Amazon Customer
    Absolutely briliant read with great tips on dealing with anxiety
    I loved working through this book, its approach to anxiety gave me so many practical tips on how to deal with my anxiety. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone else going through this. Caroline's approach to anxiety is genuinely helpful and very knowledgeable. (Seven C's to Calm Review)
  • Authentic Path Logo
    Alison MacColl - Reflexology Therapist
     Helps others to make their lives more amazing.
    Caroline is gifted and is clearly an excellent mentor & I will work more with her in the future. Caroline boosted me to get onto the right track very quickly, without me even realising. This means Caroline was very able to make me understand what I needed to do. (Focus for Success Programme).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Seven C's to Calm suitable for?

This book is suitable for adults and teenagers who are experiencing discomfort and restrictions in their lives due to anxiety and even panic attacks. The book takes a practical and simple approach to get you started on a journey towards reclaiming calm so that you can live your life more fully with more ease. 

Is it possible to obtain a signed copy of the book?

Yes, you can request a signed copy when you purchase the book directly from my own on-line shop. Simply complete the fields provided for adding your message, add to cart and continue to checkout. Follow the link provided to purchase Seven C's to Calm directly from my store - Purchase your Signed Copy.

How many pages are in the book?

Seven C's to Calm has 46 pages and of practical and effective tips based on the authors experience of reclaiming calm in the face of anxiety and panic attacks. It is intended to be simple in its approach. Readers have reported feeling calm just by holding this book. It is designed to fit into your day bag so that you can use it as an anchor (for grounding) at times when you need to restore calm.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

When you purchase Caroline Cunningham's books from Amazon the delivery and refund policies of Amazon apply.

The following advice applies to books purchased directly from the author:

Refunds are only offered in the event that damage has occurred to the books during delivery in the instance that Caroline Cunningham has organised this transport on your behalf. For this reason is it vital that you inspect all deliveries in the presence of the courier delivering the books and make a record on their delivery docket if there are any issues. Contact Caroline Cunningham within 24 hours should there be any issue with your delivery and include photographic evidence of same. Our full terms and conditions are here.

Why do I need to fill out the information requested?

We will always keep your personal information safe. We ask for your information in order to improve your user experience by personalising the Caroline Cunningham site to your needs. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Developing a strong connection to your inner calm is a super power that no person should be without in our modern world.
Are you ready to make that connection?

I want to reclaim my anxiety-free self