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Why 'Authentic' Reflexology?

Choose a Name That Resonates with Your Passion

When choosing a name for your business, it’s important to choose a name that resonates with your passion for what you do. Developing authenticity is something I’m passionate about. I continue to reap the benefits in my life and I help clients who value authenticity in their lives. Authenticity is linked with being true to ourselves, finding purpose and goes hand in hand with taking care of our wellbeing.

Know Your Lineage

Authenticity also relates to the lineage of my reflexology training and my intention to be true to its values which includes continuous learning, practice and observation. I received my training from Alison Kavanagh (Holistic College Dublin). Alison received her training from Dwight Byers the nephew of Eunice Ingham. Eunice is regarded as the pioneer of modern reflexology and the creator of the first internationally recognised foot maps.

I’ve also been fortunate to study with Hanne Marquardt, another student of Eunice Ingham. Reflexology is constantly evolving, research and training continues through people like Dr. Carol Samuel who is the first person in the world to have doctorate in reflexology. Dr. Samuel specialises in the treatment of pain and I’ve had the opportunity to take part in one of her training modules.

"Combining modern day advances with the techniques and practices of ancient therapy has resulted in reflexology being a highly effective and respected complementary therapy."

Caroline Cunningham
Authentic Reflexology & Authentic Path Wellness

As my original background is in science, I value the scientific development of reflexology as a therapy. I also have a deep regard for the spiritual aspects of healing. Exploring my own sensitivity to the natural world and actively developing improved self-awareness has opened me to greater levels of creativity and resilience. There exists within us all, a place of deep calm, it benefits our entire being. Through reflexology I help my clients to reach that place of calm.

Authentic Path Coaching

I started to attract the kind of clients who wanted more from life. Along with seeking out reflexology therapy to maintain calm during challenging transitions, they were also seeking strategies to manage stress and maintain long-term wellness.

My Authentic Path coaching service developed as a result of my clients’ needs and my ability to help them to succeed with their goals. My life experience and studies have been invaluable in this regard.

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Authentic Reflexology

I provide a bespoke reflexology wellness service for clients in Carlow, Dublin and some parts of the south-east of Ireland. You can find out more about reflexology and treatment plans in our Frequently Asked Questions.