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Painting Size

24 x 30 x 1.5 inch


Original Painting


Acrylic on Deep Edge Stretched Canvas


Signed by the artist





Delve Deeper

Delve Deeper

Saoirse has been created to mark the centenary of the formation of the Irish Free State.

Here we have water, a powerful symbol of birth and creation. Humanity currently searches for water as a sign of life on other planets. Water is a sign of hope in this context. In Ireland we are surrounded by water and I imagine how our island once emerged from the sea giving rise to our evolution as a species and as a nation.

The sea shells and the triple spiral on Saoirse's dress represent links to our evolution and our past.
Since the Free State was established in 1922 our people have continued to fight for freedom on additional levels with regards to relationships, sexuality, health and gender equity.

The body of the woman in this painting is significant as women in particular have had their own struggles for identity, often supporting the fight for freedom of our nation but not so many of them recognised in the same manner as their male counterparts.

Saoirse is part of the natural world of sea and sky, her hair is flowing and she is dressed as if going to a ball. Her posture gives the semblance of someone who is dancing, full of the joys of life and uninhibited. Freedom is often hard won and is cause for celebration.

Are you ready to celebrate your freedom by adding Saoirse to your art collection?


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    My Art Story

    My art work is largely inspired by my relationship with nature and my love of travel. I love to capture the energy of my subjects, using vibrant colours, sometimes mixing reality with the magic of imagination.
    I create in a variety of media such as acrylic & oil paints and pastels.

    In my childhood I loved creating and drawing. However, it was later in adulthood that I found my way back to my authentic path of creativity, involving much self-practice and some tuition in the best of Irish arts colleges and academies.

    My paintings and commissioned works reside in Ireland, USA, Holland, Slovakia, UK and Israel. My artwork has also appeared on national television (RTE’s Nationwide). My collections portray my love of trees, inspirational travels in India and Portugal and the mystique and beauty of my homeland of Ireland.