Reflexology Treatment Options

I offer specialist reflexology treatments with emphasis on care and support for your individual needs – Caroline Cunningham  Authentic Reflexology

Locations:     Carlow / Dublin (Ireland) on certain days – Location details


One Hour Reflexology Treatment:

  • First reflexology treatment includes consultation + foot examination + application of reflexology to the feet.
  • Treatment includes all these parts is usually 60 minutes. Follow up treatments involve shorter consultation/foot exam.
  • Specialist areas include, pain relief, coping with stress and anxiety, cancer care, pregnancy care and fertility optimisation
  • I have also supported clients with autism and those dealing will illness such as M.S. and M.E and people going through the process of grief or loss.
  • As a reflexology specialist I am continually expanding my knowledge and application of reflexology. The list above is only an indicator of the situations in which reflexology can be beneficial – Contact to make enquiry and booking

Reflexology Home Treatment:

  • Dependent on your location it may be possible to have reflexology treatment in the comfort of your own home.  The first treatment will require 90 minutes to ensure that a comfortable setting is established for the client.
  • You will need to provide 2 pillows, one warm throw, 2 towels and a chair
  • Locations for home treatment include Co. Carlow (20km radius of Rathvilly) or Dublin (15km radius of city centre) – Contact to make enquiry and booking

Parent and Child Workshop:

  • Workshops designed for the needs of your child e.g. if your child is having trouble with digestion, sleeping or anxiety
  • This 90 minute workshop involves consultation and foot assessment for your child followed by light reflexology treatment of the foot or hand reflexes. The parent is shown some useful soothing reflexology techniques to use with their child in their own home
  • Each parent and child workshop is created for specific needs of your child – Contact to make enquiry and booking

Authentic Path Inspiration:

  • Designed to assist clients who are having trouble knowing the right path to take e.g. starting a new business, changing career, setting goals or feeling stuck/blocked.
  • This is a 90 minute session which includes a 60 minute standard reflexology treatment and 30 minutes ideas generation and discussion
  • Reflexology assists relaxation of the mind and body which promotes clear thinking
  • Clients can avail of 20 years worth of my knowledge gained through career transition and committment to personal transformation and spiritual development (since 1999) – Contact to make enquiry and booking.

Mini Reflexology Treatments for Groups:

  • Reflexology treatment can be provided within a group setting either in your home, holistic centre or corporate venue.
  • Treatments in group settings can be 30 – 45 minutes dependant on the number in your group.
  • All mini-treatments involve consultation and assessment according to standards set out by the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd. (I.R.I.L.) – Contact to make enquiry and booking

Well-being Workshops:

Caroline Cunningham designs and facilitates well-being workshops which incorporate meditation, reflexology self-treatment techniques, additional self-care strategies and empowerment for strengthening self-awareness, immunity and mental health. Creative practice can be included and workshops can be customised for each groups requirements   – WORK SHOP DETAILS

Authentic Reflexology
Authentic Reflexology


Caroline Cunningham (Authentic Reflexology) provides therapy services in Carlow / Dublin (Ireland) LOCATIONS


Irish Reflexologists Institute Ltd.

Health Insurance:  If you have health insurance you may be able to claim back the cost of your reflexology treatment. My membership with Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd., qualifies my clients to claim benefits (check your policy before booking).


Caroline Cunningham’s Professsional Qualifications:

  •  ITEC Diploma In Reflexology (Distinction Level)
  • Reflexotherapy Training with Hanne Marquardt
  • Reflexology in Cancer Care (Carol Donnolly)
  • Reflexology in Pregnancy (Pauline O’Hagan)
  • Nerve Reflexology Module 1 (for pain support) (Dr. Carol Samuel)
  • Reiki Master (Best Life Margaret O’Leary)
  • Batchelor of Science Degree
  • Graduate Diploma in Toxicology
  • Higher Diploma in Education
  • Student Soprano at Bel Canto School of Singing (Vocal Freedom
  • Along with presenting ‘Authentic Reflexology’ therapy and workshops at National holistic events, Caroline has been featured on RTE’s Nationwide and regularly promotes reflexology on radio.
  • Caroline’s blog ‘Authentic Reflexology’ reached the finals of Ireland Blog Awards in 2015, 2017 & 2018.

Testimonials for Authentic Reflexology:

“Thank you so much for reflexology! Before treatment I was tired and my feet hurt from walking around. Afterward, I felt so much more energetic, I felt like I was walking on air and the swelling had gone down in my broken arm.

The next day, I had a 10 hour flight. I was anticipating a lot of discomfort with my arm. To my delight, I was nearly pain free throughout my travels. Reflexology really works!

I highly recommend Caroline for Reflexology. She is gentle, but she works miracles!” Anna Scheller USA