Carlow Arts Festival 2019 Exhibitions

Carlow Arts Festival 2019 dates are June 4th to 9th  and the festival team have a fantastic line up of creative events and exhibitions, including interactive shows, street music, theatre and even a drive-in movie. Many of the events are free thanks to the organisers and sponsors. This year the read more

The Feng Shui of Ganga Dreaming Art

Guest Blog Testimonial thanks to Gloria Mc Breen of We are Holistic: When my husband and I bought our new home last year we were very excited indeed. It was all we ever wished for in a home for our little family. We wanted it to be filled with positivity, read more

Fire on the Mountain – Algarve Portugal 2018

During the summer of 2018, Portugal’s Algarve experienced two heat waves and a fire on the mountain of Monchique. It was one of the biggest fires in the area in fifteen years. It started on a Friday, 3rd of August. I first realised there was something wrong when I came read more

Digital Book Reading – The Dreaming Doors on Instagram

The Dreaming Doors is now availabe for on-line purchase both in digital format and hard-back copy.  Author Maria Lehtman invites you to her digital book reading and samples from her latest book which beautifully combines her art and poetry. Where? On Instagram! The Dreaming Doors   I am delighted read more

Three times Short-Listed Blogger in 2018!

The Ireland Blog Awards are underway once more and the 2018 short-list has just been announced! I’m excited to announce I am three times short-listed blogger!!! It’s a fantastic result and who  knows maybe I will (once again) reach the final list! The categories in which I am a short-listed read more

Electric Scooter in Algarve Portugal

I first heard of ‘E-Go Rider’ electric scooter during my Algarve Network Tour in April 2018, a week spent reaching out to the local business community. I had fallen in love with this stunning part of Portugal on my first visit and there there the dream began. I wanted to read more

Algarve Vacations or Algarve Living? Ask Michele Wolters

Have you ever thought about living in the Algarve? Or do you prefer Algarve vacations? Very often, the Algarve has enticed holiday-makers to make this place their home or even a home away from home. Michele Wolters can certainly vouch for that. She first started visiting the Algarve in 1988 read more

Reflexology is not supposed to be painful!

Reflexology is not supposed to be painful! . During my time as a specialist in reflexology therapy and as someone who has demonstrated my therapy at national and local events and on TV and radio, I have from time to time heard stories of people who had a negative experience read more

Reflexology not the same as Foot Massage

Reflexology is not the same as foot massage! . We are not talking ‘Pulp Ficton’ here folks! You might remember those classic lines from that popular movie where John Travolta’s character discussed the prospects of providing an ‘innocent’ foot massage for his bosses wife. Massage in the right setting and read more

Authentic Reflexology in Carvoeiro Algarve

Authentic Reflexology in Carvoeiro! As a result of my Algarve Network Tour in April 2018, I created the opportunity to return to my favourite place in the Algarve (and all of Europe) to provide my creative and wellbeing services during the summer of 2018. I am thrilled to announce read more

Meet Maria Lehtman – Author of The Dreaming Doors

The Dreaming Doors Meet Maria Lehtman, a truly inspiring Finnish author, digital designer and so much more. My regular readers will be familiar with my passion for inspiring ‘authenticity’ as a means to well-being and personal freedom.  Following the ‘Authentic Path’ is what led to my connection with Maria, who read more

Art Buildings – World Favourites

What famous art buildings have inspired your travel plans? I’d like to share with you my top favourite art buildings in the world! Are any of these ART BUILDINGS on your LIST OF favouriteS? I had always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, mostly because I am an incurable read more

Who’s your favourite artist?

Who’s your favourite artist? I asked a friend this question once and he promptly answered ‘YOU’! I loved his swift response I have to admit. But seriously, who is your favourite artist? There are many I have yet to discover but I can give you an insight into a few read more

Art Travel Inspiration

Has art inspired you to travel? Where would you recommend others to visit to see the best visual art displays? The following art travel inspiration informed my creative education (during adulthood) as I sought to discover my ‘Authentic Path’   When in Italy, a visit to the Sistine Chapel is read more

Any tips for an Eco Rider?

Life is an adventure right? And my idea of adventure could be tame compared to that of another or vice versa. Well this summer during my Algarve tour I am going to be test-driving the ‘Eco Rider’ e-Scooter (an electronic, environmentally friendly scooter). Eco-riders have arrived in the Algarve and read more

Best Beach Worst Blogger? Opps!

Travel bloggers are supposed to tell you about the best places to visit right? Well, the truth is out! I have been visiting the best beach in Europe since 2016 and I decided to keep it a secret! All to myself! Only my closest friends and family knew. And now read more

The Algarve Village Travel Adventures

Introducing ‘The Algarve Village (Where I’m From) – facebook page dedicated to highlighting my latest travel adventures, alongside supporting local businesses (PR) and providing insights into alternative lifestyles (living and working in a new country). . I am an Irish blogger who loves travel but who also likes to feel read more

Carlow Landscape Paintings

It was a trip to India in 2010 that got me thinking about Carlow landscape paintings in a deeper way. I was only starting out as an artist and had my eyes wide open to the world around me. India was incredible and having a created a collection of paintings read more

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Inspiring your Authentic Path is my purpose and as many know already, I do this by providing services such as reflexology therapy, coaching (life/business/pr) and providing products such as artwork and books on themes of nature, travel and well-being. Email newsletters are a way for me to communicate the ways read more

Authentic Path Inspiration – Reflexology & Coaching

Having an Authentic Path Coach on board could be just the kick start you need to get going with a new career, new personal goals, new business or a new you! The right path is constantly being revealed to us once we make a decision to start to seek read more

Behind the Scenes on Nationwide (RTE TV)

I got the call on a Tuesday. In fact I got a number of calls that day, but since I was busy show-casing reflexology at a network event I missed all of them! It was much later that I listened back to the messages from at least three different numbers read more

Seven C’s to Calm on BookLine Radio

Thank you to Teresa Quinn of Book Line on Liffey Sound 96.4 FM for having me on air for a live interview about my latest book ‘Seven C’s to Calm-Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self’ Click to Listen Back to Interview Many people suffer silently with anxiety, whicch can result in limiting read more

Ganga Dreaming – The Call Of India

A life-changing travel experience, has this been a feature of your life’s journey? One such experience was my visit to India as we entered the year 2010. India accosted my senses from every angle and compelled me to go with its helter-skelter flow. I returned home with a clearer sense read more

Astonomy In Ireland And Peru

BEST SUMMER OF ASTRONOMY EVER! This was the title of my article published in a 2012 edition of ‘Astronomy Ireland Magazine’ and you can read it here: Nazca Lines – Peru This has to be my best summer of astronomy ever. Shaking hands with the inimitable Dr Rolf-Dieter Heuer (DG read more

Authentic In Peru

Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley, Peru We owe much to our ancestors, especially the traditions that have survived and evolved into artful healing therapies. People of the ancient cultures practiced healing therapies, accumulating knowledge based on observation, practice and wisdom passed through generations. Seeking a stronger connection to this past, I have read more