Remembering The Night Our World Went Silent.

The Silence project involves a core group of 45 Irish based creatives who share their reactions and sentiments in response to COVID19 pandemic and the night our world changed suddenly. read more

Carlow Creative Rising – Things are happening in Carlow

Carlow was the capital of Ireland once upon a time. You wouldn’t hear much about that nowadays. You’d be more likely to hear about the fact that Carlow had a thriving sugar factory but that too has passed. It’s a town of many features surrounded by rich agricultural land, glacial read more

Your Authentic Style could be your Business Catalyst.

I have a story to share about how I started as a solopreneur simply wanting to be my own boss, using my creative and healing talents to improve life for others. I knew nothing about marketing at that time but I could see very clearly that it was essential for read more

Authors on Twitter – My favourites

Introducing some cool author’s who I have befriended since publishing my own books. I met them all through the Twitter platform and also connected with a few of them on additional social platforms such as Face book, Instagram or Word Press. These are authors who are dedicated to their read more

Visual Gallery Carlow for Books

The Visual Gallery in Carlow has a book shop. Did you know that? My own books are there too, amongst a fine selection of books on topics of art, local history, culture. Look out for Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self (Well-being) and The Whisperings of Nature read more

Finalist in Ireland Blog Awards

Great news! My article ‘Autism – Reflexology Offers Calm’ is a finalist in Ireland Blog Awards 2018 and is listed in the category Best Business Blog Post!   Finalist – Best Blog Post – Business Category   I appreciate getting to the Finalist stage of the Blog Awards competition very read more

Digital Book Reading – The Dreaming Doors on Instagram

The Dreaming Doors is now availabe for on-line purchase both in digital format and hard-back copy.  Author Maria Lehtman invites you to her digital book reading and samples from her latest book which beautifully combines her art and poetry. Where? On Instagram! The Dreaming Doors   I am delighted read more

Three times Short-Listed Blogger in 2018!

The Ireland Blog Awards are underway once more and the 2018 short-list has just been announced! I’m excited to announce I am three times short-listed blogger!!! It’s a fantastic result and who  knows maybe I will (once again) reach the final list! The categories in which I am a short-listed read more

Meet Maria Lehtman – Author of The Dreaming Doors

The Dreaming Doors Meet Maria Lehtman, a truly inspiring Finnish author, digital designer and so much more. My regular readers will be familiar with my passion for inspiring ‘authenticity’ as a means to well-being and personal freedom.  Following the ‘Authentic Path’ is what led to my connection with Maria, who read more

The Algarve Village Travel Adventures

Introducing ‘The Algarve Village (Where I’m From) – facebook page dedicated to highlighting my latest travel adventures, alongside supporting local businesses (PR) and providing insights into alternative lifestyles (living and working in a new country). . I am an Irish blogger who loves travel but who also likes to feel read more

Be the first to receive my news and offers!

Inspiring your Authentic Path is my purpose and as many know already, I do this by providing services such as reflexology therapy, coaching (life/business/pr) and providing products such as artwork and books on themes of nature, travel and well-being. Email newsletters are a way for me to communicate the ways read more

Carlow Library a Valuable Resource for Creativity & Wellbeing

Carlow town and county has a great resource in the form of it’s County Library (Tullow Street, Carlow). Formerly a Presentation Convent school, the building has been adapted to combine with the County Musuem  and Tourist Office. While the main library is bright, airy and modern, it has also retained read more

Be Authentic! My article in Womans Way Magazine

Huge thanks to Woman’s Way Magazine for granting me my first paid writer’s commission! This is my published article which tells you why I am passionate about encouraging people to ……… BE AUTHTENTIC! Authentic Path Inspiration “Have you ever told someone you love to ‘just be yourself’? Maybe you were read more

Easons Carlow for my books including Seven Cs to Calm

Eason’s book store in Carlow now stock my books, ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ (poetry) and ‘Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self’. Both books can be found in the ‘Mind Body Spirit’ section of Eason’s in Carlow’s Fairgreen Shopping Centre. ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ offers poetry read more

Dreaming Doors – A Nordic Collaboration

An interesting collaboration with Nordic digital artist and poet Maria Lehtman is already underway! Maria was one of the first people to order a copy of my poetry book via my on-line shop. ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ was my first book ever to be published and it was such a read more

Join us in Wexford Hour – February 6th 2018

Thanks to Wexford Hour (aka @WexfordHour on Twitter) for the wonderful prize of sponsorship. I am a regular networker in general and particularly like the support I receive in twitter groups such as #WexfordHour and others. All are welcome to join in the conversation amongst like-minded entrepreneurs who are read more

Simple On-Line Shopping Guide for Books & Art Gifts

To make life easier for those of you with busy lives, I created this ‘snapshot’ of  pricing via my on-line shop.   These are just guideline prices to make it easier for you to choose if you have a particular ‘spend amount’ in mind.   Books: You have the option read more

Behind the Scenes on Nationwide (RTE TV)

I got the call on a Tuesday. In fact I got a number of calls that day, but since I was busy show-casing reflexology at a network event I missed all of them! It was much later that I listened back to the messages from at least three different numbers read more

Becoming an Indie – Self Published Author

In 2017, I officially became an author and that gives me a great sense of achievement. I am very proud to be a self-published, ‘Indie’ author of a book of nature poems and a self-care book to help people who suffer with anxiety. The way I see it, life is read more

As seen on RTE’s Nationwide T V

My book ‘Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your anxiety-free self’, has received a lot of interest from far and near. In October 2017 I received an urgent call from RTE Nationwide reporter Helen Mc Inerney inviting me to go on national TV (Ireland) to discuss the topic of anxiety. read more

These Fab People Reviewed My Books!

I published my first book in April 2017 and in less than one month I had already received some amazing reviews from fellow bloggers in the health and wellness industry. The Whisperings of Nature is a book of poetry inspired by nature, offering comfort, wisdom and inspiration to fellow lovers read more

Return of the Sacred Trees – VIDEO TOUR

Theres just no imaginable excuse for missing out on my last tour of The Sacred Lives of Trees collection at Art Bank. Because I made THIS VIDEO especially for you to enjoy (: What do you think? Like it? My visitors books is the comments section below. It would read more

The Tension of Anxiety – Seven Cs to Calm

Consider for a moment that you are holding the delicate stem of a flowering plant between your thumb and index finger. What will happen as you apply pressure to the stem, squeezing it slowly between your fingers? As you apply more pressure (tension), you will notice the crushing of the read more

Art Gifts & Books for Christmas & All occasions

Especially for the person who buys the most thoughtful gifts for others for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. And for the person who likes to surround themselves with colour and comforting nature inspiration. My artwork and books allow you choice and variety of unique, creative gift ideas for read more

Amazon & Book Depository stocking Seven Cs to Calm

Available on Amazon, The Book Depository and major on-line book stores, ‘Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self’ is now accessible world-wide! I have already had one enquiry about a translation to Turkish! Now more than ever, it is important that we seek support to deal with read more

This is Anxiety – Seek Support Today

The business network event was soon to start as Karen entered the busy conference room. I heard her say hello to a one or two people behind me, who were obviously familiar to her. She politely excused herself as she passed through the row of seats and sat next to read more

What My Readers Say about Seven C’s to Calm

‘Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self’ is a simple guide which has been created to guide you on your journey towards a calmer and more capable version of yourself. Anxiety (including panic attacks) can have such a negative impact in our lives and can prevent us from reaching read more

2017 My Year Of Books!

Rome was not built in a day and neither were the foundations of my creative development. In 1999, I succumbed to internal turmoil in my life and quit my teaching career. I was a Science Graduate doing her best to live life according to the expectations which society seemed to read more

Seven C’s to Calm on BookLine Radio

Thank you to Teresa Quinn of Book Line on Liffey Sound 96.4 FM for having me on air for a live interview about my latest book ‘Seven C’s to Calm-Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self’ Click to Listen Back to Interview Many people suffer silently with anxiety, whicch can result in limiting read more

Seven C’s to Calm – Book – Self Care in Anxiety

Many of us are struggling on a daily basis (often in silence) with the torment and discomfort of anxiety. Anxiety robs us of our energy and joy. I know because I am someone who has been affected by anxiety in the past. I have even experienced panic attacks which were read more

FREE eBook – Leave Anxiety behind – Prepare for Calm

Anxiety robs us of calm and limits the potential of who we truly can be. Author and therapist Caroline Cunningham presents you with her FREE eBook ‘Preparing for Calm – The Seven C’s Plan’. Here you will find support and encouragement for reclaiming your anxiety-free or authentic self. Caroline provides read more

Calling out Anxiety for what it is!

If you suffer from anxiety it is quite likely that along with the discomfort of the anxiety itself, you have also been working hard to keep your angst top secret. In this hectic competitive world of ours, we do all we can to keep the bright side out, look our read more

The Best Deal For You – Books

‘The Whisperings of Nature’ is the first book I have ever published and I am thrilled to say that it is being well received by many readers both in Ireland and other parts of the world such as USA, UK and more recently Finland! Having received already, two book reviews read more

Book Reviews for The Whisperings of Nature

It’s a simple book of poetry inspired by Nature and already it has received  reviews from fellow bloggers Krystal Long (Krystals Journal) and Gloria Mc Breen (We Are Holistic). I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting these two inspirational women in person but having found each other through read more

Lovers of Art, Poetry, Books and Well-Being

My first ever book launch attracted kind, positive and interesting people from Carlow county and beyond. I am grateful to all who supported me during my first book launch. There were people who called to view my art work and buy my book. Lots of people in my business community read more

Book of Nature Poems – Wisdom, Comfort and Inspiration

Poetry Book – Inspired by Nature Nature has been my comforter and teacher ever since I can remember. Being inspired to write came naturally but the courage to share my words came much later in life. I’m sure I am not alone in this regard, sharing personal thoughts and creations read more

The Whisperings of Nature – Book Launch

My first ever book launch coincided with an exhibition of my latest paintings at Carlow Library during April 2017. ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ is a collection of 15 Nature inspired poems. Walks along beaches, time spent in forests, moon-gazing from city roof-tops and far away travels have provided inspiration read more

The Whisperings Of Nature

I used to be the type who wrote poetry and hid it under my bed. That has all changed dramatically. My travels in Peru have had a huge impact on my desire to write and share my stories with the world. Peru has given me a novel and also prompted read more

5 Steps To Becoming A Robot – Is this happening to you?

Imagine a mechanical society with no thinking or feeling, everyone rushing about on automatic pilot, elbowing out of the way anything that appears on the horizon that doesn’t match in with this preferred mode of existence. Would you be happy with this? Do you think it is already happening on read more