Caroline Cunningham
Caroline Cunningham

Bringing light to our innate talents is a worth-while life purpose. When I discovered The Bel Canto School of Singing, I was overjoyed to hear that good singing is not about how you sound but all about the the way you tell a meaningful story. This is an art form that all (who are willing to learn) are capable of learning. The human voice is a natural instrument and requires natural use just as in speaking, when we are engaged in meaning what we say.

Under the guidance of Frank Merriman (Freer Of Voices) I have been dedicated to interpreting songs with a natural delivery of expression. The results of my studies have greatly influenced my quest for deeper meaning in all aspects of my life and have opened the creative path to my additional talents of writing and painting.

I love to sing the classics of rock and jazz and I particularly love the drama of the operas of Puccini, Verdi, Mascagni and Camille Saint-Saens to name a few.

While my studies in singing are on-going, I have previously performed at private celebrations in Ireland, UK, Slovakia and South Africa. I also sing in a number of languages including, Italian, Czech, French and Hebrew. I look forward to offering additional concert performances in the near future.