Fran Malone, Hypnotherapy, Cork, Dublin, Ireland

    Caroline is a multi talented artist, a lover of nature, and one of the most honest and down to earth people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Caroline’s work in Reflexology is second to none. She is completely dedicated to the well being of all her clients and never falters in her endeavours to ensure they all leave her company stronger and healthier. Caroline singing is truly magnificent, and an experience that the world really needs to prepare for.

        Madeleine Forrest, Tourism, Events & I.T. Management, Carlow, Ireland

        “I’ve known Caroline a number of years. We met through art. Caroline is an incredible artist, her grace and beauty are reflected in her work which is a real treat. I have also had the privilege of witnessing Caroline sing in Hebrew, she is a tremendously talented singer. Caroline is a really authentic soul who is not afraid to be herself and I so admire that about her.”

            Brenda Bergin, Seniorpreneurs Ireland, @DigiGranBiz

            Caroline is a gifted artist with so many additional talents and a lady who is very generous with her time. Caroline’s gift with words offers her readers to travel with her. This is an artist I will be following closely and I know she will be a life-long friend. It was an honour for me to support Caroline in reaching her ‘Fund-It’ target for her art exhibition ‘The Sacred Lives Of Trees’.

                Jackie De Sousa, London, UK

                ‘Caroline has many talents and will be able to write a beautiful poem, paint a lovely picture and even sing at your wedding. Her blog musings are captivating. She is certainly a renaissance woman and if you have her to do anything for you she will put her all into it and make sure you are happy with the finished product.’

                    Sinead O’Gorman, Librarian, Historian, Actress, Wexford, Ireland

                    I love Caroline’s art work through which she conveys a peaceful and a deep understanding of the essence of place, through her use of beautiful colours, fluid shapes and perfect light, which evoke smell, time of day and her connection with nature.

                    Caroline is also a talented writer, sharing her journeys and experiences with her readers in an easy to read, accessible style. Her honesty and interest in the simple, everyday details and lives of other cultures is compelling and revealing. She shows a great affinity with humanity and the earth we inhabit.

                        John Nolan, Carlow London Association, UK

                        In representing the Carlow Association of London at the St Patrick’s Parade in New York in 2015 it was my role to make a presentation to Carlow Association of New York. I wanted something special to show the link between Carlow, New York and London. I made contact with Caroline a few days prior to the visit. After a few telephone chats, the piece of art entitled ‘Mind the Gap’ was born. It was well received in New York as was her poem also entitled ‘Mind the Gap’. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She’s a fund of talent with great ability in going that extra bit further.

                            Teresa McGrath, Hypnotherapy, Dublin, Ireland

                            I love art. My favourite modern artist is Caroline Cunningham. I am the privileged owner of Caroline’s ‘Break true’. Caroline has uncannily captured in a most beautiful way, a woman breaking through the ties of her life and reaching for freedom. It is now a daily reminder of the strength I found within to change my life. A truly powerful and magical piece of art, which I am very proud to own and I will always treasure for many personal reasons. Caroline has many gifts to share with the world and I wish her success in all that she does.

                                Trevor Lorkings, The Digital Alchemist @Bizzy_Fizzy

                                ‘Caroline is a truly gifted and talented artist. Each brush stroke delivers a vision of her inner connection to life, to her souls journey, which is carried by her generosity of spirit.’